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  • Intel Mac
  • Intel Mac SSE4.2
  • Change Log
    • New All:

      Button "Snap to CP" snap a bone to the nearest cp You must manually add this button from "Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator" (Cube with red point and arrow) to add a keyboard shortcut search for "Snap Bone To CP" only active in modelingviews , when the view is in bonesmode Snap the selected bone manipulator (Chain,End,Shaft) to the nearest cp, hidden cp's are excluded from the calculation except of moving the shaft, the bonelength isn't preserved

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6609[/bug] Do not select hidden CP function In shaded modes , cp's which are covered by other patches not longer selectable (also not selectable with group or lasso modes), works in all views. It's now configurable , the button must add manually from Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator" (filled cube with a red Z) to add a keyboard shortcut search for "Respect Z-Order" at "Tools->Customize->Keyboard"

    • Fixed All:

      Displaying the correct keyboard shortcuts in the view popup menu

    • Changed All:

      Export plugins "Generated Modelmapsize" can now be up to 8192x8192

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6610[/bug] Rotoscope not visible in Pose and causes Exception on Delete

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6608[/bug] Preview render gamma correction function is incorrect. Desired gamma (== gamma for previewrendering) has now it's own spincontrol for changing the value and also a displayfield

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6602[/bug] Input PNG gamma correction function is incorrect. The gamma correction is now done in dependency of the current gamma

    • Fixed All:

      Flocksystems false icon in chor unusable icons for instanced models removed.

    • Fixed All:

      Bonemanipulator not refreshed , when the bone length is set in the Length edit field

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6612[/bug] Normal indicators display strangely when some geometry is hidden.

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6592[/bug] All normals are visible in shaded mode (when display normals is enabled).

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6614[/bug] OBJ sequence exporter needs bigger image size options- 1 setting to work for all frames Export plugins extend the resolution for "Generate Model Maps" up to 8192

    • Fixed All:

      [bug]6614[/bug] OBJ sequence exporter needs bigger image size options- 1 setting to work for all frames obj export plugin ask only at the first frame , if the filenames for decals should be unique, when a range of frames should be exportet

    • New Windows Only:

      plugin Imageformat TIF supports save and load , not supported Multiframe Tiff (load only the first frame, save not supported)

    • New Windows Only:

      Plugin Imageformat PSD (Adobe Photoshop)

      • supports save and load (save only uncompressed)
      • Layer and Masks are not supported (load and save)
      • Greyscale with Alpha not supported (load and save)
    • Fixed OSX:

      [bug]6575[/bug] Model Geometry Not Visible In Choriography In Shaded Mode (Mac)

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