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A few mini rigs to play with...

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I've been playing with some possible "little" solutions to problems with moving bones around in a controlled manner. There are 4 rigs that just do a specific movement. Some were not sucessful (hip rig) but could be used as an example for another solution. You will have to download the prj file and see for yourself. They are relativly simple rigs and shows my tinkering with rigging.


I don't think these rigs would be applicable in any other application other than Animation Master, because of the in depth constraints offered to us by Hash, Inc.!

In other words: Thanks Hash, Inc.!



I've included descriptions in the "action" file info blocks to help. You may have to stretch your PWS or Properties window to see the full discrption and notes... I wish you could create paragrphs instead of one liners!TestMiniRigs.prj

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Thanks, there, also a a nice way to add Help info to your model..



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