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  1. This keeps getting better and better! Nothing else to say, keep up the good work!
  2. This is great character. And the city street is soo full of atmosphere! Great work, keep us posted!
  3. Amazing concept art! This is going to be great! I am really interested how this will turn out! Enough exclamation marks!!!
  4. Great model! Amazing attention to detail, looks real. I know that it would add a lot of work but it simply MUST be colored!
  5. Great work Vern (you already know that, but I wanted to repeat it again, just in case ;-)
  6. This is one SCARY model! Great work! Finish it, post it on CG Talk, get noticed by Dreamworks and off you go!. No, seriously, this is some really great modeling!
  7. Congratulations! Your work is an inspiration for us mere mortals. I mean it!
  8. Aaaa - haaaaa! I have descovered your evil plan for world domination! Rare survivors will fall under the hipnotic influence of the rig and became Steve's animating zombie slaves! Luckily, you are unmasked! Vade retro! ;o) Thanks again! I've played again with your rig and I love it even more (Could it be that hipnotic influence ?!?)
  9. This is the best thing since sliced bread! Even more so, this thing gives such a control over the character that it makes animating facial expressions real joy! (slicing bread is in fact really easy, making good rig on the other hand... brrr, I shudder to think about it). Great work, Steve! I just love the way controls are laid out, they in fact make it easier to animate then if they were overexposed over the face - facial expressions can be seen more clearly... what can I say? This is a work of art! Bravo! When I come to think of it, you just created me a lot of work! I'll have to transfer my characters to this new rig before doing anything else... I hate you! (And thanks...)
  10. This is ... WOW! It is that good! Great model, now slap it into some dirt and let's see it move!
  11. Great job! Wireframes, please!
  12. Dark Jedi, Lee, this is truly amazing effect of your efforts... This is exemplary work! ...(poster at siggraph... poster at siggraph)... did someone said something?!? I thought I heard some voice ;0)
  13. I still am trying to catch my breath! Dusan, this is amazing! It is getting better and better!
  14. I have yet to see the movie (trouble with %^$!#@!# quicktime) but individual frames look amazing! Cant wait to see it (later today)... lovely characters, great poses!
  15. There was great video tutorial made by Hash inc re bone weights... looking, looking... I found it: http://www.s1.hashmirror.com/ftp/pub/movies/BobCPWeights.mov Here is everything that you want to know and more... btw great lookin' gal! there is something about the form of the upper lip that I would do different... but on the other hand I would do everything different (and uglier, probably) keep us posted!
  16. I have just discovered this thread! cool character! I can't wait to see what will come out of this!
  17. Rim is a 'spotlight', so it is used to drop some shadows and make objects 'anchored' to the ground and not floating in the space...
  18. Cool lookin' guy... I like the eyes the way they are, but I feel that there is something missing about the lips... now they feel as slit in his face... you'll need more definition (and lips - i - ness ( ;o) ))... reference needed (and probably one good look in the mirror wouldn't hurt a bit) keep us posted...
  19. I am sorry that I couldn't send my files earlier, but I have decided to use new textures replacing those which use was restricted. Unfortunately, I got quite ill, so I just couldn't get a time to do that properly. Also, I cannot use FTP (Probably my internet provider's fault), and I couldn't post those on the forum, so I have decided to sent them as attachment to Stephen Sappington. I am leaving up to Steve how to make those files available to those interested Greetings, Riste Sekuloski (trajcedrv)
  20. trajcedrv


    Joooooohn is baaaaack! With a vengeance I might say! MORE! MORE!
  21. I have few confessions to make: I agree that greatest problem with this image lies into the way it is rendered (not that there are not other problems). Thing is: I came with the idea on new years eve (yeah, the deadline). Luckily, I had the objects ready (ground included), so the thing was posing them and adding something of the castle in the background (I had some stone made structures already ready) I posed the Dragon and the Barbarian, started to assemble the castle... of course, it looked terrible. So I came with this great idea: some fogging would probably hide the background, and the characters would came out... then I added volumetric effect for the smoke and dust (actually something like 10 volumetric effects ;-))... Then I made some test renders... I thought something about the light (of course, AO would do the trick, but my ol' A:M doesn't do AO)... and that was it, my time was up! This image has 3 point light setup (the standard one) with slightly changed intensity values and few lights with negative intensity - to darken some places... Anyway, thanks for the input, it is highly appreciated!
  22. Thanks Caroline! You have noticed that he throw away the sword! I have not received any answer about the textures yet... I'll wait for a few days and then sent an archive without them but with links to the site (I think that it would be fair approach)
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