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  1. John, thank you very much! Great Chrismas present for us all!
  2. Aaaa - haaaaa! I have descovered your evil plan for world domination! Rare survivors will fall under the hipnotic influence of the rig and became Steve's animating zombie slaves! Luckily, you are unmasked! Vade retro! ;o) Thanks again! I've played again with your rig and I love it even more (Could it be that hipnotic influence ?!?)
  3. This is the best thing since sliced bread! Even more so, this thing gives such a control over the character that it makes animating facial expressions real joy! (slicing bread is in fact really easy, making good rig on the other hand... brrr, I shudder to think about it). Great work, Steve! I just love the way controls are laid out, they in fact make it easier to animate then if they were overexposed over the face - facial expressions can be seen more clearly... what can I say? This is a work of art! Bravo! When I come to think of it, you just created me a lot of work! I'll have to transfer my characters to this new rig before doing anything else... I hate you! (And thanks...)
  4. trajcedrv

    Over Rimmed

    Rim is a 'spotlight', so it is used to drop some shadows and make objects 'anchored' to the ground and not floating in the space...
  5. trajcedrv


    LOL! Butts ARE big problem, I agree...
  6. Any new developments? It would be nice to have action install rig model to play with together with some info what is to be changed manually... just a thought... ;o)
  7. Richard, thanks! Can't wait!
  8. WOW! I have been waiting loooooong for this!
  9. Sorry if I misled you... I was SURE that constraints are explained in the TAOA:M this link certanly will help: http://www.eggington.net/Hash/2001RigDocs/arms_legs.html while you are there, look around: lots of info! I just realized that you may get confused about the screenshots: they oviously are from the older version of A:M, but everything is basically the same, so make an effort to work through the tutorial
  10. keyboard shortcuts: F5 Modeling mode F6 Bones mode
  11. This seems to be letter "R" in rigging - type problem: it is vey well explained in The Art Of A:M, so check it out!
  12. Thanks, please don't bother with this, I just wanted to make sure that I am not overlooking something obvious... I am owing you big time anyway ;o)
  13. I don't (SVN Acess) for the simple reason that I am still at 11.1 (no money, I am poor eastern - european, I know that it seems strange when one says that he cannot give 100 something dollars, but believe me that it is real issue for me)
  14. I am talking about moving bones for the face rigging as a result of movement of the FACE controllers... obviously, I misunderstood that FACE controllers have at least some basic poses filled and that their movement would result in movement of the face rigging bones... so I have to make the poses myself? ... or there is something else that I am overlooking? (btw, David, thank you a million for the lightning - fast answers, sorry for bothering you this much)
  15. Nope, it doesn't help, nothing moves (v11.1)
  16. Am I doing somenthing wrong? While waiting for Mark's take on rig installing rig ;o), I've wanted to make a try to see how the face interface would work (I have installed squetch rig in three characters so far, but none with face interface - I have used custom face rig and Steven Cleary's face gizmo). So I just took empty rig, ran install plugin and I have face geometry bones unhided... and tried to play with the face interface... Face bones do not move! I think that I am doing things right, at least I don't remember (from the installation tutorial movies) that there was some special action that was supossed to be done to activate them. Is there something that I've overlooked? (I hope that my too - long sentences are understandible)
  17. Mark, I am getting anxious ;o)... checking for new posts doesn't do the trick! I have to look at this thread to see if there are any new deveopments... it is easy for you, all you do is work... it is waiting that kills ;oP
  18. I've tried do analyze compensated and not compensated mdl file (just two bones in the model) but it turns that it is above my knowlege (or perhaps beyond my ability to understand) anyway, I am eagerly awaiting new developments
  19. I've suggested plugin - type help for this same problem... If one follows movie tutorials it just turns out that there are way too many bones to re - compensate... I have installed the rig in one of my characters and (no re- compensating of the constraints) everything seems to work fine, but then there are some unussual and quirky movements... I don't know if that has something to do with this or it was mistake somewhere else, but automatic re-compensating of the constraints would save loads of work...
  20. I don't think that could be possible with plain constraints... (not sure, though)
  21. With fear in my voice and trembling lower lip: "This is not going to be v13 or higher exclusive... it will work with older versions of A:M... right?" (PPPPPPLEEASE)
  22. I REALLY Like the way this thread is developing! I'll be watching it VERY CLOSELY! THANKS!
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