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Found 3 results

  1. Just purchased update subscription, installed it and it still tells me that AM expires in a few days. Just spent 80. bucks. Emailed from AM's support page-no response - Sent email from receipt email - also no response. Nobody seems to be at home at AM - no phone number to call. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Double post - sorry..... But Important Information! I had same problem with v13. But its fixed - its simple You need to go to update section and find the file 15.0j+ Its the octopuss logo splash screen. You may or may not need to do a clean uninstall/install ... which may include deleting registry entries with the name HASH...if you encounter the splash screen loading but the program doesnt fully load/show up. But install 13 first then the 15.0j+ file it should work. If the above mentioned splash screen thing fails to fully load program then you will need to Uninstall program then go into regedit - right click start - choose Run - type in regedit Under each of the headings -expand- HKEY_CURRENT_USER/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/HKEY_USERS and look for heading - then expand and find HASH entries and delete them. Also while under the heading at the bottom is also another subheading/heading called something like WOW32/WOW64 - which also MAY have HASH entries. Then do an install 13 then 15.0j+ file ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows/v15/ -> its an AMCD file its actually under v15 folder. it will take you from version 13 to 15 Thats it all done!!!
  3. I downloaded and installed v18.0 (64 bit) using the supplied PDF instruction sheet. After installation, AM came up and I poked around a bit (my previous version was v13) and I shut it down. The following day I came in to do some modeling and when I hit the icon, I got a pop-up saying "Wrong host for license (-4)" and then nothing. Does this mean I wasn't supposed to get the 64 bit version? And how do I get it up and running? Thanks, TJ
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