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  1. Thanks for the recommendations but unfortunately the use of Ogre is not up for debate. It's the absolute best engine out there (and it's 100% free and open source) and the game's programming is too far advanced. So the Obsidian plugin wouldn't help. I'll keep an eye out, see if anyone takes up the task of writing a plugin from Hash to Ogre. In the meantime I'll try other things. Thanks for your responses. Cheers Christian
  2. Ogre3D is awesome. Best graphics engine out there. In a few months I've been able to get my game off the ground and get a prototye rolling in no time. Previous engines I tried (torque, DarkBasic) didn't fare so well. Unfortunately Ogre doesn't import .X, probably since it's a hybrid DX/GL engine. It has it's own format (.mesh) and exporters for many 3D programs out there (Maya, MAX, XSI, Blender and Milkshape) but unfortunately not for Hash. Looks like I'd need a 2 steps process. From Hash to .X, or .OBJ, or whatever, then import into Blender or Milkshape then re-export. Kind of a pain. If I could get a few people to testify if it worked great for them and exactly what the necessary steps are I could be tempted to upgrade my good old A:M. To me A:M and Ogre would be a perfect match. To me both know exactly how to design an interface and make things intuitive and user-friendly. I guess as a programmer I could write the plugin myself, but there is such a thing as spreading myself too thin. I do have a game to program
  3. I've searched the forums a bit for that and I've found a few hints here and there. I'm about to define the artistic pipeline for a new game (http://archangelchapter.com). It's using the Ogre3D engine and so far I've tried MAX, Blender and Milkshape. MAX costs an arm and a leg and Blender is downright confusing and counter-intuitive. Milkshape is a bit too basic. I've been away from A:M since 1998 but I've re-installed '98 recently and it's like riding a bike. Everything feels natural and at it's place. I've seen some of the newer version and it all seems good. However there is no direct path between Hash and Ogre. What is the most effective path to do this? And what are the additionnal steps that must be done in the other tools? Is it possible to model, bone and texture in A:M and then just use other tools as a conversion pipeline? Or do you model in Hash and then have to bone/material in other tools? Anything involving MAX is out of the question, since it brings back the issue of it's tremendously high price. Blender or Milkshape would be acceptable passthroughs, depending on the number of steps required. I would really, really appreciate being able to just shell out 100$ to get back on my A:M bike rather than continue ripping my hair out trying to figure out Blender. So any real-life experience with that very problem would be appreciated. Christian BTW I saw there used to be a AM->Ogre converter for mesh and bones, but development stopped before material conversion was integrated. Any news on what happened? Any chances the source might be available. Thanks!
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