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  1. Yep, I don't know the program will enough to try to import any of my models yet. I am still working on it had a bit of luck when I imported from the hard drive instead of the CD's but only a bit. I'm installed the 2006 upgrade but have not been back to that computer in a day or so when I can I will see if that fixed it. Ill let everyone know in case this happens in the future to someone else. Happy animating
  2. The Only models that will load are the ones not in sub folders i.e eddie, keeket, knight , shaggy and rabbit. The others ask for things like eyes or hair found on the cd and I load them then I get the error. My version is A:M 12.0n+ I run win 2000 I did a complete install so I just had a thought that maybe I should try to load form the folder on my drive instead of CD. I will also follow the thread and see if there is an update. I change stuff around and see if it helps and check back here later Thank you
  3. Hi all, I have been doing the tuts the video ones as well as reading and after the 3rd I decided to play with the actors and there bones a bit to get used to them. I can't load certain actors though I get "The parameter is incorrect" even thought I get the right file for hair and such things. I tried restarting A:M and my computer as well as checked my drivers, they are up to date... Any idea's? I await your wisdom Thank you ahead of time
  4. LuLu

    I got it :)

    Thank you Rodney I am off to try it. I am gonna be up all night doing video tut's I know it..but its a good thing. Thanks for your time
  5. LuLu

    I got it :)

    I got my copy of A:M in the mail woohooo! Now for my full blown first silly question. I am doing the video tuts and the problem is when I go from front view to side I often lose my model and can't find it. So enlighten the simple one what silly thing am I not doing that makes my model leave from view upon changing view? I have tried the buttons and read the book..so I either missed it or its a big secret! please tell Happy animating
  6. Great Thank you I will be getting those when I can. Thanks do much for your time
  7. Thank you! I have some BHAV files but not sure how they work yet not sure if they are the same as BHV. Its all good though I am so excited to get this program that even if I have to learn to do things different its worth it. I have so many ideas and things and not being able to make them happen is frustrating me. Having watched every video tut this seems to have the interface I can get unlike some other programs I own even after spending hours on tut's. It not my nature to be able to digest tech stuff well so part of me getting this program is because of the willingness of the programmers and community to make it idiot tech friendly
  8. File types I may use with my own models for fun stories from other 3D characters are GeometryDataContainer GMDC Animations ANIM GeometryNode GMND These are some of the files. There are more but being a tech challenged person this is what I have so far. Some Maya files also. I wondering if A:M might interface with them. Sigh I think I must be the only person in the world with many really cool and expensive programs that I don't use or use for a single function. That is why I am so excited with A:M I actually understand the Tut videos...imagine that! Take good care
  9. Thanks everyone. I think I need to buy my copy to I can start to understand more of what you and everyone else on the forums is saying. Everything I have down has been very old school if you will and self taught since my ability to learn new software is ..well put it this way I think I am missing some DNA in that area. I'm excited and glad you all are around to offer your thoughts and wisdom. Thanks again
  10. luckbat, for instance lets say I create a 3D character or pull one from a 3D gaming video. I may want one or more charcters but not the background. There is a specific "green" color that I can wipe out the background with it has to be perfect every spec and then I can input what I want behind the character or really whatever is that "green". I do this in a very old old and older then dirt program called magix. I know there is updated versions of it but i know how to work the old one so I keep it. Mostly this is used for affect...like maybe fire behind everyone or something like that. Robcat2075 you may of went over my head but don't worry thats not hard to do. Does the greenshot have to be live digital recording for A:M to know it or can it be a CG greenbackground I created using the same color systems I currently use for other programs to read its a green background? If not I can record it live ..maybe I have never recorded a greenshot only regualr shots. But it may be easier cause I would only have to do it one time. Thanks to both of you keep the wisdom coming
  11. Oh, boy. The thing is, it's impossible to give a straightforward answer to this one. Polygons and splines are as different as pixels and vectors. Yes, A:M can definitely import OBJ files. But once the polygons are changed to splines, it's a very, very different model. As many other Hashers have said, the work required to tweak an imported poly model so that it looks right is almost always more time-consuming than the work required to build a proper spline model from scratch. Pretend I said the answer was "no." I get that Milkshape has the same issue without the proper plug in That's a bit like asking if A:M recognizes calculus. XML is simply a text-based markup format for data. Ill try and narrow the file types if you dont here from me in a year or so send help Yes, although I personally would export the Hash animation with alpha channels and combine it with the original video using compositing software. But you can definitely do this in A:M. Would doing it the way you suggested help me cut the time a little? If the video was shot with a greenscreen, then yes. If not, then pretty much no software can do this--not without extensive rotoscoping. I do this for effects now except I create the greenscreen in filmstrip any difference needed for extraction for animation? We've got tons of answers. Ask away. Oh Boy Im happy
  12. Hi, I am buying AM within the next two weeks. I have searched the forums and had some questions answered and other not it may e because I am not searching them right. I have very little animation exp. I currently do animations projects for creative fun and I draw them, then make models in milkshape. Sometimes I record 3d worlds and then export the avi into filmstrip and then render new or adjusted 3d animations within the video. I am hoping AM can not only help me learn but cut down on the drawing because it takes months to re-draw just a few seconds of video footage. Well it may take some less but i'm green. If anyone can point me to the tutorials or like questions answered to some of these it would help allot. Again I don't know proper terms and such so idiot speak would be nice Can AM open the same 3D gaming characters Poser does? Of course some need to be converted to OBJ Does AM recognize XML files? Can I pull a character from Adobe filmstrip into AM and adjust or add animation ?Flimstrip is set at 30 FR and creates bmp images. I can adjust the FR lower. Can AM pull a selected character right from the avi video? These are the immediate ones I could not find within search. Thanks for any time you might give me. PS don't hate me later when I get AM and ask tons of questions I'll search first promise
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