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  1. We use 3d studio Max to create our models (it's still a better polymodellingprogram then AM). We use a custom exporter to export the model with textures and uv's and import it back into AM. The rigging, skinning and animating is done in animation master. However the decals are not showing in AM. Everything is in the file, I can see the images, decals and stamps in the projectwindow but not in the viewport. When rendering the decals aren't showing either. Funny thing is if we export/import it to our game-engine everything works fine, all the textures are at the right positions and so on. When opening (edit) a stamp in AM I see that the uv's aren't correct: When I try to change values like scale/translate I get weird values: Our exporter does exactly what it should since the model works great ingame (when exporting it from AM). We are currently using Animation Master 11.1f Anyone got any ideas/solutions?
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