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  1. Ok, thanks guys. I did get v17 to begin rendering. Should I submit a bug report for this or is it already being taken care of? Thanks, -Nathan
  2. Thanks, but these downloads are still to the latest v18.
  3. Can someone give me a link or a location on where I can download AM17? Also will my 18 license work with 17, I'm using the year subscription? Thank, -Nathan
  4. Ooops, I am not using ocean.mat. Anyway, I removed the reference in the project and tried to render again with the same results. rocketpenguns.prj
  5. Targara sequence does the same thing. I also tried rendering it with "preview" and it did more frames but still crashed.
  6. Can someone please confirm that it's not just my computer crashing whenever this project is rendered? It crashes after about 15 seconds when rendering. My specs: iMac Late 2014 Retina 5K w/ i7 Thanks, -Nathan rocketpenguns.prj
  7. I am createing a simple model to export to photoshop for a logo, however i would love to have a shadow to drop on the ground. but my problem is that i am not using a ground. i deleted it because i dont want it. my question is... how can i get the shadow to fall as if there was a ground there but have the ground completely transparent, except where the shadow is? Thanks, -ALL
  8. I have 2 paths 1 path that moves the guy like it should, but when i am ready to get it to move again and attach it to the other path, i want the same action it doesnt work right. It works fine except when the second path action starts it only cycles once, insted of constraining to the stride like the other does. I attached the file so you can see what i mean. (it isnt much to lookat) it is in chor1 emotion.zip
  9. ok, sorry, after playing around a little more i think i figured it out. Thanks, -ALL
  10. Thanks, but i dont think that is quite what i was looking for. When Thom is in an action or chor and you move the null, the rest of his leg moves with it (a constraint), but there are no poses on thom. if you expand the relationships folder under thom here are a few constraints, but i dont understant how the creatores put them there, because i dont see any option to import a bone, create new folder, or anything... i am completely lost. Does that help explain it? Thanks again, -ALL
  11. I am trying to setup a relationship to constrain a bone to a null. much like how thom's legs are.
  12. another question for you guys... I am making a model of machanical legs and i am trying to get the bones right. I have been looking at some of the included models that came with hash and they use constraints in relationships. my problem is that i cant figure out how to add a new relationship without having to go though smartskin, but even still i cant get it to work right. Any help would be very greatfull! Thanks, -ALL
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