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  1. I've been recording with (free) Hypercam 2 and recompressing the raw file with Quicktime Pro. Btw, I've begun revising TAoA:M and have all of one lesson in rough form. You are probably beyond its level but you may find it useful none-the-less. Thanks, I'll check it out, it can't hurt to go over the basics again. BTW, I finished the table. I made a glass to put on top so you can see the reflectivity. Thanks again
  2. OMG! Robcat, that was an amazing tutorial, that was much more than I could have asked for thank you so much. I really do appreciate how you explained everything rather than just telling me how to fix it. Thank you again. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what program did you use to record it? That may come in handy for future questions I have so I can show how I've done stuff.
  3. Ahhhhh, yes ok. There you go GettingThereCoffeeTable.mdl
  4. these are both spline continuity problems. If you can post that I'll show you why it is that way and how to fix it. Sorry, what are you asking for? Do you want me to post screen caps of just the splines? or is there something specific I need from within A:M that I need to post?
  5. Ok, well I started over and cleaned up the CPs a bit so that the holes in the corner are no longer an issue. I also joined the splines at the top of the corner to make a 3 point patch to close the hole. However, this has started 2 other problems. The first is, as you can see, the curve at the bottom is going down instead of out. This kind of confuses me because all of the other splines have had no issues. I tried using the bias handles, but that just made a sort of J shape. The other issue is that after joining the splines on the top (to make the 3 point patch on each corner) it somehow killed the patch on the main section, even though there is a 4 point patch. So I'm somewhat confused.
  6. Join the two crossing splines. That's why there's a hole. But wouldn't that disrupt the patches that those splines are a part of? I can give it a go, but I figured if I added another point to them, then my table wouldn't have a top.
  7. Ya, I've thought about trying a bevel, but because of the detailed design, I don't know how that would work.
  8. He he, actually the crutches are my girlfriend's, she had surgery a few weeks ago. But thanks, I'll try adding some splines. Ok, well, actually adding the splines seems to be working well, however I have two issues. First off, I made sure that all of my patches (except one) were nice 4 point patches. I added horizontal splines connecting all of the left points to the right points and added a point in the middle. I then went down and connected all of the middle points with a single spline. Even though I did this, I still have some empty patches. I'm guessing this was because when I added the center splines, I messed up and had to detach them and just filled in where I needed them. My second issue is that, at the very top I have a hole seeing as there's only 3 points. Any ideas for that?
  9. He he, actually the crutches are my girlfriend's, she had surgery a few weeks ago. But thanks, I'll try adding some splines.
  10. So I've been away from A:M for a few years and I have the itch to get back into it. So I dug out my A:M 10.5 CD and installed it (I don't have the money to upgrade). It's coming back quickly to me. I am trying to model my coffee table right now, but I'm stuck. Plus I don't think the way I did it was the best way. Here is a pic of my coffee table (please forgive the mess). As you might be able to see, it has rounded edges and corners and there is an indentation with a gold band that goes all the way around. The way I did it was I drew the outline of the profile of the table (Table1.jpg). I then extruded that and stretched it to make a square (Table2.jpg). I then copied and rotated what I had to make the other two sides. Now the problem I'm having is the corners where the legs go. I'm not exactly sure how to model them to match the curve of the table top and the indentation. Like I said I'm sure there's a better way to do it, perhaps a way to make the entire table top as once piece, then just attach easily modeled legs.
  11. I am trying to model a rose, but I figured I would ask to see if anyone else has modeled one I can use. I am making the "Magical Rose" from Beauty and the Beast, but I am making it wilt (as it's in it's final days). Anyone got anything I can use?
  12. Is the rendering done already? My Render Slave isn't doing anything anymore.
  13. Ok, I got my WebRenderererer....er installed and running. Question though. I see it's already downloaded about 100meg of data. How much HD space will it be needing?
  14. Ok, I think I got it. I reworked the cover and added in some splines so I could make the crease. What do you think?
  15. Here you go. I took a couple of screen shots and put them together. As you can see the book is pretty much made up of a modified Beveled Cube.
  16. He he, you obviously didn't read the last couple of posts. That has already been suggested and I am currently trying to figure out the best way of adding it.
  17. 'Tis illusion...actually the top and bottom are the SAME, because you are seeing an ORTHOGRAPHIC view of the book. To see your book in PERSPECTIVE you can simply hit the '\' (backwards slash key) on your keyboard...and '/' (forward slash) to get back to orthographic. Another way would be to bring the book into a choreography, where the camera will have natural perspective default. Thanks. I did figure that the perspective would be correct in the Chor window, I was just wondering if there was a technical reason why it was backwards in the modeling window Ok, I have brought the binding out a bit, but I am not sure how to do the crease. The only way I can think of doing it is to remodel the entire cover. Any suggestions?
  18. Ok, I used your leather texture (thanks again) and textured the book. Question. Is it normal to have to go in and select each set of splines and texture them separately? For example, I had to texture the front and back covers, then go in at texture the tops and bottoms of the front and back covers, then the edges of each (opposite to the spine), etc. Or is there a faster way to texture? I don't mind going in and doing each one, but if there's a better way to do it, I'd rather use it This is just a quick render from the modeling window. I've noticed something with this. Why is it that the top of the book (further away from the camera) is bigger than the bottom? Isn't that the opposite of a 3D effect? Shouldn't the top be smaller to make it look further? EDIT: Ha ha ha... ok, So the only picture output that A:M allows (in v10.5) is tga, however we are not allowed to upload TGA files... he he he.... odd.
  19. Cool, thanks, I haven't had time to do a search yet (getting read for work). I'll definitely give it a try
  20. NancyGormezano has this modeled already maybe she would be willing to give you hers so you can see how it is done? I Animated this book being opened and pages being turned in a scene on TWO. Well, I went ahead and tried the bump map for the pages. I think it turned out pretty well. The pages are just an unbeveled cube, so I would have to redo it if I wanted to animate it, but for an unopening book, I think it will work. I just need to texture it and put the title on. Does anyone know how to make a good "Old Leather" looking texture? I was thinking about modifying the Crumple texture, but I'm not sure if that will look right.
  21. I am trying to model a book. I have the cover modeled (I just need to apply texture), but I don't really know how to do the pages. Should I just make a block and apply a bump map around the edges? Or is there another way to do it. I may want to animate the book opening and pages turning. But for now, I just want it for a still image.
  22. Exactly what do I get for the $49? Is it like a trial version, or is it an upgrade?
  23. Ya, you are right about the wheels, I'll update those tonight when I get home. And I also agree about the poles. I tried to vary the space between them to give them a handmade look, but adjusting the degrees would also help. I also realized that I put the open section on the wrong side, he he. I'll have to fix all of that tonight.
  24. I am wanting to make a whole Medieval/Renaissance motif of stuff. Here's a cart I put together in about an hour last night. It's not complete, no textures or maps. And I need to add handles to the front. But I just wanted people's suggestions for details to add.
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