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  1. Nixie, you picture is freaky. Thought you might want to know lol
  2. No, I meant smooth and bright.... Here is a moddified version BloodGulch_Base.mdl
  3. Here is a pic of someone elses 3D model of it (not mine ands not .mdl file) Why can't mine look like that? LOL
  4. When I tryed to texure it All I did was put a rock looking material on it, nothing fancy. Every time I render it with any mat the inside and out side blends together (cant see openings. ) Here is a pic rendered with my mat. Lame.
  5. I have been unsussesfull at extracting the models from the Halo PC game and decided it would take to long trying to find out what I was doing wrong, so I started making them myself. I am new to AM and have just started modeling. Here is my Blood Gulch Base I don't know how to atach GOOD texture only chezy fake looking stuff that looks horible. If someone could map it for me that would be cool, or tell me how to make it look good I would like it. And while your at it tell me what you think of my first real model. Thanks PS: I have 3 goups in the model (Base=floor : Bottom=1st floor : Top=2ed floor) also tell me what I need to work on. That helps to! BloodGulch_Base.mdl
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