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  1. Does the Obsidian exporter allow me to export .dif or only .dts? My buildings don't have an extremely complex interior. When I was playing around with the Torque demo I noticed that the various buildings in the orc town seem to be single models that don't use portalizing. The buildings I have are similar to those in complexity.
  2. Hello fellow A:M Users, I have been using A:M for several years now. Recently I have been considering buying the Torque Game Engine and import my models into it. I've seen this done before in pics posted in the forums and the results look great. However I have only seen this done for vehicles and characters while my focus is on buildings. I have worked on recreating an accurate representation of a rather large complex from about 2000 years ago, and I was hoping I could export it to Torque. I was wondering if anyone had any succcess with their A:M buildings in Torque and if they could give me some advice on the subject. Additionally, from what I understand,Torque supports "portalizing", that is merging a Terrain map and seperate building interiors to work as a single world. Can this be done with buildings from A:M? Thanks in advance, Steve Jr.
  3. Thank you very much for your advice, I'll look into these leads. But still, if anyone has any direct solutions please let me know as I am under a tight schedule. Steve Pfann Jr.
  4. Hello fellow Hashers, I have made a model in Animation Master that I want to have made into a real life version. It is a reconstruction of an ancient sundial that I want to have made for educators to teach with. I have approached a number of companies and have found one near where I live that I would like to work with. Unfortunately they don't support AM files or 3DS. They specifically want IGES or SolidWorks. I am running AM version 11.1h on a PowerMac 1Ghz Dual Processor G4 in OS 10.3.9. The only format AM seems to export to on a Mac is 3DS. But when I checkout the file in a program like Wings3d it seems that this format has problems with 5 point patches and hooks (flat surfaces and creases). Despite this I still try to import the 3DS file into CtrlView Using Virtual PC and export it into IGES. When I do this it creates a monstrously large file (20MB+), which crashes the computers of the company I want to work with. When I try to open the model directly in HamaPatch via Virtual PC I find that Hamapatch doesn't seem to like 5 point patches and hooks either. Despite this I have tried to export the file into DXF regardless the fact that the company didn't request this format, hoping that they might be able to make some use of it. Does anyone have any suggestions of a way that I might be able to get the model into a usable format while avoiding too much distortion to it? Thanks, Stephen Pfann Jr.
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