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  1. Hi, I'm having a little trouble with my model. I have 2 copies of A:M, snce I upgraded once. So I keep the new one(2006) in my desktop, and the old one(2004 CD with update for 2005) in my laptop. But now I have the problem because I need to work on my model on my laptop, but it won't work with older versions of the program. Does anyone know how I can transfer it, I tried exporting it to another format but it messed up the bone structure and I lost my pose sliders. If not, does anyone know how I can use version 13 on both computers without moving the CD back and forth?
  2. Sorry to double post, but I finished my next cartoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jotJKr0J_Vo
  3. Thanks BTW, I think I fixed the link
  4. I finished my first cartoon using animated characters! I have been working on the character for a while and decided to start with a teaser. Instead of attaching it here, I put in on youtube for everyone to see, and rate! My new cartoon! Also, check out the website: http://www.freewebs.com/roverthepup/
  5. Thank I got it, however I need one more bit of help. Can looking over the old model, when the arm moves, It rotates and twists, can someone give me some advice to make the ar movement more natural. Thanks again. Here's the final model if that helps. RoverN.zip
  6. I Finally added the attachment by compressing it. It is in the first post
  7. It won't attach, I told it I to get the file then I clicked on Add. Looks like I need more Help
  8. Hi, Me again. I have been working with a Model I design and Once I started changing the mouth, the Bone position got stuck in an upward position whenever I put it under the head, Anyway, I was hesitant to do so, but I am posting the model hoping somebody knows how to fix it. The broken Bone is Bone 5 and is located under the Head Bone. It is positioned fine until It's put into an action or choreography. Edit: Fianlly added it by copressing it to a zip RoverN1.zip
  9. I can't undrerstand how the relationships are organized in various parts under pose sliders. Does anyone know a tutorial for organizing relation ships? Pose_Slider_Before.bmp Pose_Slider_After.bmp
  10. Hi, It's me with another question. How do I get the Knees to move smoothly, Iwas trying to rig off of the thom model, but didn't get the knees. I'll get to the arms if I can't figure the out myself. Does anyone know how to Rig Knees from the 2001 Universal Skeleton?
  11. I need help with most of the constraints. I know about the Rigid bodies, but I need help with: -Aim at -Kinematic -Aim ROll at -Roll like -Spherical Limits -Euler Limits -Translate Limits -Surface -Aim like two -Roll Like Two -Bone to Spring
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right forum but i'm somewhat new, but can someone PLEASE explain what spring systems and how they work are?!!!
  13. Does anyone know how to render one picture rather than a film?
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