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    waterskiing, snow skiing,(used to live in Alaska and Montana) ping pong, painting, 3D art, animation, spending time with wife and kids, going to church :)
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  1. When soften was turned off the "fleas" were gone! Thanks for saving the lamb.
  2. Thanks Wiskey, I'll give it a try when I get in tomorrow.
  3. Varying the thickness of the hair emitter along it's length seems to help, but while the number of artifacts has gone down, the size of the atifact has increased. I upgraded to v15 and the problem still exists. I will continue to experiment. DS lambtest2.mov
  4. Thank you all for your kind and generous feedback. I am using v14.0c I have done the suggested experimentation including a simpler emitter and 0 jitter with and without multipass, but the fleas wouldn't leave. This morning I discovered that if I vary the thickness of the hair emitter along it's length from .5" at 0% to .4" at 100% that the problem seems to go away. A strange and mysterious solution but I am feeling hopeful that this will solve the problem. I'll need to do some more test renders to verify. Thanks again! David
  5. as far as I can tell, this problem seems to only occur when using an image as the hair emitter.
  6. I was animating a short Easter movie amout a lost lamb and things were moving along fairly smoothly until I applied hair to the model. For some reason I am getting these weird moving black squares around the hair of the model. I am pleased with the way the fur turned out but I would rather not have ants swarming the poor lamb. Can anyone rescue this sad lamb from the evil squares? I'm at a loss for what to do. Thank you! David lambtest.mov
  7. Thanks! I'll post it when it's done, which might be a couple of weeks.
  8. I just figured out my mistake....I forgot to check "use camera settings" in the render dialog box. Duh!
  9. I have created the animated fog from the camera's settings (as recommended) but when I render it will not animate. It seems to only render the fog from the render settings and the fog stays the same from frame 0 to frame 300. Any suggestions?
  10. How does one animate the effect of fog rolling in from the camera's settings in the choreography. A:M seems to only want to give me fog from the render settings, which as far as I understand can't be animated. I would like to get the "before" and "after" effect as seen from these two images. Thanks for your help!
  11. Ahhh...that would explain it. Thanks!
  12. I just upgraded to v12v+ and I have read Yves Poissant's Mini Tutorial on AO but I can't seem to find it in the Choreography properties. I can't even find a Global Ambiance property under Choreography. Can anyone help?
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