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  1. That makes much more sense and i can scale it manually but when i click to do -100 it is locked. do u know how to fix that?
  2. When I mirror the skin over the bones are not moving with them. Im not the fastest as you can tell.
  3. I am playing with this and it seems to be working except the bones are not copying over
  4. Ok so here is my trouble. I have a charactor that I am working on and i got one side of the model done. Can I rig that side to my bones and copy flip attach the body and the bones so I don't have to rig both sides? if so how? thanks
  5. Thanks guys, this has been a huge help.
  6. I have a finished toon car that I am trying to rig. I'm not sure how to rig the wheels so that they work in the way they need to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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