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  1. That makes much more sense and i can scale it manually but when i click to do -100 it is locked. do u know how to fix that?
  2. When I mirror the skin over the bones are not moving with them. Im not the fastest as you can tell.
  3. I am playing with this and it seems to be working except the bones are not copying over
  4. Ok so here is my trouble. I have a charactor that I am working on and i got one side of the model done. Can I rig that side to my bones and copy flip attach the body and the bones so I don't have to rig both sides? if so how? thanks
  5. I am sorry for the late reply it seems I'm moving. I forgot I couldn't place avi's directly on the forum. I have a website but its down so I'll post things this week. I was able to fix the problem with cp weights. I had never used them and that fixed the problem. Thanks
  6. so here is my smartskinned leg. Not to be crude but his but looks like it has an alien in it. I used smart skin with the leg forward and backward and noticed that there was distortion inbetween. So i moved the leg to the bottom and moved the cps. after trying this in several places this is what i am getting. Is there and easier way to smooth things out or do i have to go from each rotation and make the corrections?
  7. I am trying to learn toon rendering and this is the style i am looking for. Where did you learn this style and do you know of any tut. that will help me learn this style? Thanks and great model
  8. Well call me crazy but i have found the smartskin to be much easier so I am using that instead. So, I really like it but it is a little choppy. Does smartskin use point to point because i cannot find anything on the timeline? In an animation i don't have to do something at each frame just where needed and with smartskin i can't seem to do that. thanks
  9. Thanks for the help... I don't see the offset button
  10. ok i have that fixed and now i have another small problem. When I add the constraint to the bone it changes the possition of the bone. How do i correct this problem? Thanks
  11. Thanks problem solved Ok ive run into another problem. When I add the orient like constraint the bones i have set in the possition I like seem to move quite a bit?
  12. I am trying to use the sonofpat rigging and i'm having some trouble. On the tut. there it doesn't say how to get to the bone constraint. Do i use an action or smartskin to access the orient to contrainst? Thanks for any help... Here is my model he is a kid friendly demon that will eventually be a darker color but he will not have eyes or a mouth or fingers.
  13. Yes but I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted it to with them.
  14. Any suggestions about how to make dust come up as the car skids around the corners. I have tried using particle systems and I have not been able to figure out how to get the dust to start and stop. Any suggestions?
  15. I'd love to try that but I'm not sure what it is. Let me know how to do it and I'll give it a try. Thanks
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