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  1. I put in some lids. I think this looks pretty relaxed. Thanks for reminding me . test.mov
  2. Here's a turntable of the head. As far as modeling goes, I THINK I might be done. Next step... visimes . buddy_2_turn.mov
  3. Thanks guys I totally understand what you're saying (and you're right), but the look I was going for was not photo-realistic. I hate to say this, but I was going for a "pixar" look. It's hard to tell from a side view, but I actually think this model is achieving that for the most part. If you look at the humans in any Pixar movie (at least the adult humans), their heads are rather flat behind the ear. Anyways, thanks for the C&C.
  4. Okay, I've been playing with the jaw a bit. Can anyone say which of these meshes looks the cleanest?
  5. Okay, i think i got it. I might be making a big deal out of this, but please remember that I've never modeled a head with ears before. I was just hoping that someone could tell me which mesh looks cleaner. *The only difference between the two is that the one on the left has an extra spline going up the forehead.
  6. Hey everybody, I've been going mad trying to model a dang ear for my character. I had the basic shape going, but I couldn't attach it to the head right. So, I went back and figured a way to attach the ear to anything, and now it'll be easier to attach to the head (I hope). Anyway, I just wanted some C&C before taking the next step. note: there's still some point pulling I need to do, I'm just looking for an accurate way to attach the ear to a head.
  7. I started the head finally. This is still an early WIP. I'm still gonna smooth it out and make a couple of adjustments. I'm just trying to get the mesh together. I know it's not perfect, I just did copy/flip/attach just to show the full head. I just need to know if the layout is okay before I go any further. C&C appreciated. -thanks
  8. Looks fine to me, nice and smooth. In my modeling experience (which isn't much), I've found that in some cases, less is more when it comes to splineage. Your model is very smooth, but IMO it might be a little spline heavy. Maybe try to keep the smoothness with less splines, but like I said, it looks fine.
  9. Started working on the eye sockets. I'm having trouble with the nostrils. Still have a lot of work to do. I know the wire pic is messed up, I had some trouble. Anyway, C&C&Advice are welcome
  10. Here's a chor shot. The one on the right is with the outermost lip ring cut out. I'm not keeping it like this, I just wanted to see if it looked better, but it looks too much like an M,B, or P pose.
  11. Haven't had much time to work lately. I'm sure everyone's noticed the second spline ring that's real close to the lips in the wire frame. In "Stop Staring", that second spline ring is supposed to make the sharp edge of the lips visible. I followed the book exactly, but I just don't like how sharp it is. So I took it out. Personally I think it looks better. Also, In following the book, I started getting away from the concept sketches and made my Buddy look too realistic when he's supposed to be slightly cartoony. I'll keep updating when I get more work done. I attached a before/after pic to show the effect of removing that second spline ring. C&C welcome
  12. I have to give the credit to "Stop Staring" for the clean splineage. I'm just going through the book line by line. This is my first HUMAN head, not my very first model. I know I need to work on the nose some more. Thanks guys
  13. Well, this is the same model from my "mouth creasing" topic. I'm not really posting b/c I've run into a problem, I'd just like some C&C on the model so far.
  14. Did some more work, and put some wire pics this time. They're labeled in order, but that doesn't mean it gradually gets better. Each one is different. I feel that the last one (v6) is the best. Anyone agree/disagree? C&C welcome and appreciated.
  15. I started modeling my first human head. I'm pretty happy with the lips so far, but I can't get rid of the creases at the corners of the mouth. Any ideas?
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