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  1. Well, I got it too install (adleast, I think). But when I installed it, it got a glitch. It was seen like it installed but my destop icon (to click it open) was just a little white page (looking) icon that said animation master. When I clicked it, it never opened. I tryed to uninstall it to reinstall but it never would uninstall. I just eventually restord my pc. Now it's off of my computer. Back to square one. I just want to know is, is it supposed to work or is it something wrong I'm doing?
  2. I have a question. Does anyone know if hash will work on widows 7 or will it need some type of new patch. Tried to load hash but it got some type of glitch. I believe I have version 12.
  3. Ok. This is not the best video of her. Just another experiment. Bring the criticing on. I know I'm good for it! I got alot of glitches in this. Again, I'm so not the best animater. Got to get the key framing down. Oh yeah... As some know I do music. Made a track for NBA 2k 06. I made the track in the background of Tamara Workout. Tam_Workout_1.mov
  4. Thanks... I tried to find the tuts you were talking about but I could not find it. Can give me a direct link?
  5. Ok. Here she is one of my characters designed like Thoms bone alignment. I did try to make my own walk (as you will see) but if there are others that can make a better or different walk it would be cool to see in her. Or yes, give pointers... Tam_walk_1.mov
  6. Thank many of the professinal modelers and animaters on here that have supported new users (like me) with help and downloads. Now I want to make a request. I'm asking can any one please make some woman action animations for the Thom model? Simple ones like walking, running and standing postures. Anything els possibly creative if you can.....
  7. Thank you for your help link. Now, when you use the term rig do you mean like each type of action that the bvh file may do for rigs (like walking, talking or running)? This may sound stupid of me....
  8. I'm going to bring my bvh questions to this request that I think would do the hash community some good. I'm begging anyone who can to make a bvh video tuturol. Something using a simple charater like thom. Showing how to connect each constraint (orient like, aim like and ect). I've been to zandoria.com and have tried to follow the instructions on thom but I can only get certain body parts moving right(not all of them). If I new enough I would make a help video like this myself but as you can tell I only know so much. I think if there was another help video that needed to be made, this would be
  9. I Believe it is 615mb or 600 and something mb. I believe the limit line to what I can add is 2 gigs. I also wonderd if I just bought a new pc with 3 gigs for christmas would there be a major change in the render speed or would I just be wasting money?
  10. I haven't found this question so I thought I'd ask it. It may be silly. Can you have faster rendering time if you have a better graphics card or ram?
  11. I have a simple question. I am desperately asking anyone if they can share or make some more actions for the Thom model. I have a project I am doing and my models bone structure is build like Thom. Please if anyone can....
  12. I do not believe version 12 will bake dynamic constraints - but I'm not sure. If you are having problems with dynamic constraints, you might try rendering final with multipass OFF - rather than ON. It might work better (can't remember ver 12) when you "simulate spring systems" it effectively bakes the motion into the action's channels. it just wasn't called "baking" Yes. Thank everyone for all of the answers. "Simulate to Spring Systems" Definitlly works on version 12. It worked for me. And now my characters are rendering with the dynamic constraints.
  13. Hmmm...Are you also using any particles? (or hair?) - if so - you will have to bake particle systems after you simulate spring systems and before rendering as multipass. Particle systems and dynamic constraints seem to interfere with each other (or they use to). If you do not have particle systems - then simulate spring system should be all you need to do - it produces keys for the bones (and it automatically sets "simulate on fly" =off). So it sorta bakes it. 15e PC (did not try in 15g) Thank you so much, for these answers. I have Hash version 12. When I get ba
  14. I used the dynamic constraint on one of my model characters. It's been working really well. When they walk, certain body parts move almost realistclly. However, the biggest issue has been when I render the walking animation to video file, the dynamic effect stops moveing or does'nt move on the video as much as they moved on the basic action screen mode. I'm wondering is there a certain configuration you have to set in the rendering properties to see the dynamic constraint movements in the renderd video files or is it something else that I'm doing wrong? Any one please help!!!
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