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  1. I thought I'd try that too but didn't mention it. When I restored the file, I got the same error as before with it in: "Wrong host for license (-4)" I was going to see about pulling the 32 bit version but it seems like the activation code is no longer good so I didn't bother.
  2. New Issue: This evening I thought I'd see if anything was new. AND low and behold there is. I started up AM and the "Enter Activation Key" dialog came up (same as last night) BUT I went ahead and entered it. When I hit OK, I immediately got a new dialog: "Activation Key already used." WHAT??????
  3. I'll continue to tinker each night until he does. Did I understand correctly that if I did an uninstall of what's currently there and then reinstalled the download, the same activation code for the same machine should still work? Just something for me to possibly try while waiting to make some progress. I would expect it to work. The code is tied to your hardware and not to a particular time. I think you have nothing to lose by trying. Tried it. Exact same results as last night. C'mon Jason...
  4. I'll continue to tinker each night until he does. Did I understand correctly that if I did an uninstall of what's currently there and then reinstalled the download, the same activation code for the same machine should still work? Just something for me to possibly try while waiting to make some progress.
  5. Well, I emailed last night (10:30pm Eastern). No response as of noon.
  6. No, nothing installed other than the standard Windows protection and anti-virus software (Symantec). Nothing else has a problem getting data through so I doubt that is it. I'm hoping Jason can help solve what should have been an no brainer installation.
  7. Well I have run v13 on the D drive so I don't really think the drive on which AM is installed is a factor. I've emailed Support and asked them to review this thread (rather than give the whole history) and how I should proceed. Hopefully they'll have an idea. I know in my software I'll almost immediately know what an error message means but, as these are rather cryptic, perhaps they can tell me the solution.
  8. Okay Gents, here's the status: I did as Fuchur recommended 1. I moved the master0.lic out of the AM v18.0 folder (there was one there) 2. I verified that everyone has full control over the folders involved (this is a single user machine). 3. I started up A:M and it immediately asked for the activation code. (I was feeling hopeful). 4. I entered the code supplied via the attached .pdf file in an email (I included the dashes between the 4 digit sequences). 5. I hit Enter, and waited, and waited. 6. Got a pop-up saying the following: Read error from network (-105) No such file or directory (errno: 2) 7. I definitely have internet access (as is evidence by having this forum up while executing the steps). 8. After I clicked on OK for the pop-up, the Enter Activation code dialog came back up. I tried the code without any dashes or spaces for the 16 digits but got the same result. And I did try to run Master_64.exe as Administrator. Does this sound like it's something to continue with? Just a thought (after the fact): Because I run a small SSD as my C: for just the OS (and other Microsoft stuff that only installs there), I have put A:M on my 1TB D: drive. I've done this with nearly everything on my computer and it hasn't been a problem for anything else (except for MS). Could A:M be hard coded to look on C: for something? If so, that's a fix that needs to happen.
  9. Just to note, during the installation process, at some point, the activation code was input. I think it was on a page that included registration information (name, address, etc.). But there was no separate pop-up after the installation finished (and before AM automatically started) that asked for the activation code. Tonight I will try the steps you've outlined above and enter the results. Regards
  10. Sorry, not sure how to quote previous replies. However, From robcat2075: (the "subscription" what we all buy. It's a fully licensed install.)" I was not expecting to get a one year subscription with the purchase as I paid more than the annual subscription fee. "Now you have a Master0.lic file in your AM folder?" I will have to check tonight? If I do, what does that mean and how do I proceed? Thanks again for your help Tom
  11. Neither. It should be a fully licensed install (not a subscription). I have every version from 2000 to 2007 when Hash would show at SIGGRAPH. Recently I was trying to get my last (v13) to run on my Windows 7 box but it wouldn't. I emailed Support and they replied: "I do not think older CD version work in Windows 7. An update killed that we do not know of a work around. But we can offer you the "trade show" price to update." So, I took the offer, made the payment, and got an email with the PDF attachment with the link to download and the activation code along with links to other resources. TJ
  12. I'm logged in now, I posted this. I'm definitely on a 64 bit OS machine and I didn't start AM the first time, it started automatically at the end of the install so that may have by-passed something. But now, nothing but the pop-up I described above. And there has been no hardware change since I installed AM 3 days ago.
  13. To all, Digging through some older posts, I was able to find the access. By going to View->Project Workspace, the entire project is outlined and under the model I was working on are the individual rotoscope images and by clicking on them there, you see their properties and can 'unselect' the No Pick. Phew, Tom
  14. That's my question. Once you select the "No Pick" icon on the rotoscope's properties window, I can't find a way to reselect the image through any menu or screen action for the view in which it was placed to get back to its properties. I understand that the "No Pick" is there for a very legitimate reason and that's fine but there must be a way to reaccess it so that I can delete it when my modeling's done or want to put in another and eliminate a current one. I've gone through the menus but can't seem to find anything that will do it. Thanks in advance for any help, Tom
  15. I've added a rotoscope image onto a view and adjusted it how I thought I wanted it (along with 4 other views). After adjusting for sizing and aligning with the axes like I wanted, I went through and selected the "No Pick" for each in their Properties. However, I found later that one image is aligned on the wrong axis. How can I get access to the rotoscope image on that view that is misaligned since I've turned off picking it, I can't click on it. I'm running AM 2006. Thanks for the help. Tom
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