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  1. If you are wondering why people are mentioning that this thread might not be around for much longer in there reply's the reason is that there is a rule about not mentioning other programs by name. you can say other programs just do not say there names this forum is provided to us by Hash Inc. to talk about and help each other learn and us there product. THanks Mark, I went and changed my original message to make it within the guidelines of posting.
  2. Hello AM, So Im looking for somefeed back. I use to use other 3d programs in the past. Now 7 years later im finding myself interested in 3d again. I have been working with some polygon modeling software lately and I am very limited to modeling. So I'm asking for some advice. How hard is it to create custome characters in AM as to creating with other 3d software. I can create characters in 2d till the world ends, but now its time to turn them into 3d, will AM complete this task with basic knowlegde of modeling. Also will just modeling bog down my system, because im on a older laptop. Or will i be fine intill I start rendering animation. Thanks AM members
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