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  1. 1. I've set up an environment for my character, and I've found it to be really laggy with only some of the props in there (there's alot of trees). Is there a way for me to turn off the trees or something so I can animate my character without all the lag? and then turn them back on when it's time to render? EDIT-- even when the object is set to hidden, it's still ultra laggy 2. That leads into the next question- should I be animating my character in an action window and then load it into a chor. ? or just animate right in the chor? 3. Is there a format of video that saves the
  2. I have two characters, and I want one a certain sized compared to the other. So I'm applying the 2001 skeleton to the smaller one, but I don't want to make him bigger so it fits. Is there a way to scale down the entire 2001 skeleton? Or am I just going to have to size down all the bones individually? thanks!
  3. great idea- I'll try it out- thanks!
  4. here's a screenshot of my problem-- I apply a hair length map, but where I want there to be NO hair, there's still little tiny hair bumps-- is there a way to get it down to 0% in those areas? In my hair length map, those areas are pure black. Thanks!
  5. yeah I tried that a few times :/ no good.
  6. Hi hopefully this makes sense without posting pictures. if it doens't, i'll post some. but here's the latest problem of mine: I have a hair material I made, applied it to the eyebrows and ponytail of my character. I imported my character's decals, changed the image to diffuse color etc. the eyebrows worked perfectly, the hair picked up the color. but for some reason, the ponytail part stays pure white. any ideas? thanks in advance!
  7. wow perfect answer- fixed it perfectly! thanks a ton!
  8. doh sorry thought i was in rigging >< uhmmm...is this not the rigging section?
  9. Hi I just rigged a character up with the 2001 skeleton- I'm in the process of rigging up the squetch on another... that thing is tough. Anyways, here's my problem: when I open up my character (2001 rig) in an action or a chor, his hand targets and elbow rotate are gone. I just can't find out how to get them there-- i'm new to rigging, so any basic answer would help. thanks!
  10. thanks alot for the info guys! I put a skeleton in him, but it's not working so good to animate. does anyone know where there's a tutorial on how to install the squetch rig?
  11. I think this should work! thanks a ton, that's a grea ttutorial
  12. okay I need some major help here. I've been going at this literally for about 5 hours now. System found to be unsolvable Possible causes: forced intersecting geometry, very sudden movement, or other setting I get this about 80% of the time when I move my character around, and then run Simcloth simulate. It's a simple dress set-up, two legs under it. I just need some help, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssseeeee
  13. correction--- now when his legs go through the robe, everything just goes crazy- cp's all over the place on the robe.
  14. it says it just can't calculate it-- forced geometry collision, or too fast of movements... not sure what it means. I had a weird robe, that went down and went back up the inside and connected to the top of his legs, so i changed a couple things-- now his legs are basically separate objects, and his robe just goes straight down and ends at his ankles. I applied deflector to the legs, and his robe renders fine just fro moving him around, but the legs just go right through he robe. any thoughts?
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