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  1. Thank you, That helped me alot. I got it working
  2. I have put a character on a path every moves fine but the arms. In my action window arms move but not in the choreograph. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.
  3. I have decided to start a series "Afternon Pondering". In this series I plan on putting in new things as I learn, new characters and models as I learn modeling. In this way I feel I can learn and put stuff out at the same time, and learn to take criticism
  4. Thanks for asking about the rabbit. And no I didn't. About the rabbit. I had made a cycle in the action. Made it more complicated verson by making the hips move and tail move back and forth and the head bobbing back and forth. It works great in the action window. Then I made a chor. It moves forward but cycles backwards. As far as the sound, I spent the whole day trying to figure it out. The speech matches almost perfectly with the mouth. But I will try that, tomorrow perhaps. Its late and I'm tired. and my eyes hurt. I have rendered it without the voice then put it back in with magix edit pro, that work out well. Well thank you for the response
  5. Please help. why is there static in the voice after rendering. now i have tried rendering with QT and the voice is garbled
  6. I made a walking action for the rabbit. when i try to put it in a new choreography it starts walking backwards
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