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  1. Thanks, Some edges are beveled and some are not, really whatever took my fancy at the time. I havent really done anything much in a way of modelling with A.M i seemed to struggle trying to do whole models straight off, so i bided my time and just made a model of anything small really, just to figure out how to make all sorts of shapes. So now im going through the learning process of full models but i found i have a great interest in mechanical.
  2. Hello again guys! i havent been on for a while due to life... as it is always (Now have a son ) but ive been still hammering at the AM as much as i can. Anyway i thought i would finally post something up and maybe see what people think. This is a walker im working on and i thought before finishing it i would put it up here and see if i get any response. Im sorry about the lighting these are just quick renders before i clock off for the night but you should be able to see what im trying to achieve. Anyway thanks again guys talk soon!
  3. Excellent reply robcat, thanks very much for the info, i had managed to figure it out before hand but youve given me great advice for the normals, i can see it all quite clearly now. Hopefully i can get this model up soon and get it crit Thanks again for your help and time.
  4. Hi guys, im currently making a model but i dont quite know whats happening. To explain it whats happening is in the modelling stage i can see all my splines and cp's but when i switch to shaded mode i have patches missing. Now when i render the mode all the missing patches show up as if they are there. its frustrating while trying to model and patches are missing but really they are actually present. any ideas? Thanks for your time..
  5. Hi guys, finaly i get to put my first post on here , I have been using AM now For about 7-8 months on and off and thought or was given the idea rather that it would be a good idea to start posting my work up so i could recieve some constructive crit. This is really my first piece and is what i used to discover rigging and poses, modeling etc. Was very exciting for me and has driven me to go on and create other projects which i will soon post up. I finished this one a few weeks back now. I appolagise for the quality of the video, i had some trouble with rendering settings but ive done the
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