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  1. My name is J. Carlos Gonzalez; I'm an independent filmmaker from Lorain, Ohio. I'm currently working on a feature film that my team and I are getting ready to shoot this summer. We are looking for experienced animators. We are using Animation Master 2006 or higher, to build our creatures and characters. This is a LIVE action/adventure film for families. As of right now, we can't pay anyone, BUT we are offering a deferred payment contract. We are looking for Animators, Riggers, and Modelers for lighting, texturing, etc. If you're only good in one of these areas, we can use you!! The time frame is as follows: We begin shooting June 2010 and wrap towards the end of July 2010. We will have a rough cut of the film by November of 2010. We would need all model work completed by this time. Naturally, something’s will take longer, and we realize that people have lives. But if we could get as many things possible by that time, it would be great. We are looking for artists who pay extreme attention to detail. The goal is to make things as photorealistic as possible. If you would like to know more about the story, please visit this link : www.notinohiomovie.com/story.html The other links on the site will guide you through everything else. I believe this would be a great outlet for the Hash,Inc. animating community and something Hash, Inc. can be proud of. If you are interested please use this link to get a hold of us: www.line10entertainment.com/wanted.html Please fill out the boxes on the page and we will email you directly. (Providing all of your info is correct) We will send you a more detailed email, with all the info on the production and where to send a sample of your work or if you can provide a link to your work, that would be even better. Please keep in mind that this is a serious project and a non disclosure agreement must be signed before we can send you a copy of the script and any information about the cast and film; that is not public knowledge or posted on the site. Thank you for your time. I look forward to making cinematic history together! Sincerely, J. Carlos Gonzalez Producer/Director "Not In Ohio"
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