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Decal transparency not working

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Hi all,

I'm trying to add decals with transparent backgrounds, as I've done many times before without problems. I create my decal in Photoshop CC and save as either TGA or PNG. PNGs come out with a black background; TGAs with white. I've tried all options in save options, but no change.

I admit to being rusty, but I'm sure I'm doing this the way I always did. Any suggestions gratefully received!clarence0.jpg

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If you are going to save as PNG, paint your image on a transparent "layer", with no "background", then save as PNG.



PNG file...


I prefer TGA but that workflow is harder to explain in one sentence.


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Thanks for the super quick answer - again - Rob!

My PNGs are on a transparent background, which I'm sure always used to work. However, you've jogged my memory on TGA; I'd forgotten that you need to add a transparent mask and save the alpha channel. That works! Something's gone amiss somewhere with PNGs (see below), but at least there's a good work-around.

Thanks again!



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5 hours ago, Jem Shaw said:

P.S. It may, of course, be down to the latest update to Photoshop CC. Adobe's talent for screwing things up is legendary!

Could you post a PSD  and a PNG that you save from it?

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I got interesting results.

The PNG you sent showed black fill when used as a decal in A:M (Orig PNG)

I didn't have the Muli extralight font, but when I loaded your PSD, Photoshop created the shape anyway. The PNG I saved from that showed black fill also when used as a decal in A:M (Model B )

Then I located and installed the Muli extralight font. The PNG saved after that worked appropriately. (Model E)

Perhaps it is indeed your Photoshop. My Photoshop is v 6.0 from 2000.

I recall the Creative Cloud subscription lets you install certain  earlier versions. If you have further troubles that might be something to try.



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Interesting indeed! I tried rasterizing the text and also changing the font to Arial in case that was the culprit. Neither worked. It does look as if Adobe have broken something else. No surprise there, they trashed Dreamweaver and killed Director. No matter, I'll stick with TGA until that gets ruined too :-)

Thanks again Rob, you've been a great help.

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