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Pharr Skin treatments

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Here are some experiments with different skin shading

These are all from my Ground Hog Day scene. They are all rendered with a slightly blue AO light and an orange-ish Sun light.

This is a simple pink color for the Skin group...

GroundHog_60b plain color_060.jpg


Same as above but with white Specular color. Width 500%, Intensity 60%...

GroundHog_60c spe 500 60_060.jpg


Same as before but with Specular Intensity down to 40%

GroundHog_60c spe 500 40_060.jpg


This next one uses the Pharr Skin diffuse plugin shader (Just "Skin" in A:M). The Pharr Skin Shader tries to reproduce some of the nuance of Sub Surface Scattering without the huge rendering time.

Short version: instead of merely darkening a color as the illumination on it decreases, it increases the saturation of its color. I have it set for a very slight effect here but it helps reduce the gray-ishness of default CG shading. You'll detect a bit more red in the areas that transition from  highlight to almost-in-shadow.

Specular is 0%

GroundHog_60h PharrOrangeSun_060.jpg


This adds back in A:M Specular highlighting...

GroundHog_60d PharrSkin_060.jpg


This is the same but I have added slight Roughness. The change is barely visible at this res...
GroundHog_60e PharrSkin_060.jpg


There is also a Pharr Specular plugin shader meant to be used with the Diffuse shader. When I put that on it did not work well with the orange sun light. This adds the Pharr Specular shader, with the sun light only slightly tinted orange

GroundHog_60f PharrSpec_060.jpg


The above had no Roughness. This adds it back in.

GroundHog_60g PharrSkin_MoreRuff_060.jpg

 The Pharr Specular shader is producing over bright highlights on small features, but perhaps that could be controlled with a Specular intensity map that reduces the level on places like the fingers and arms.

But I find the Pharr Skin shader to be quite promising.


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Here is a turn-around. I keyframed the settings of the skin shader about every 90° of the turn of the light to approximate what I imagined skin would look like in that environment.

Some moments look quite good. Others might be improved with more experimentation.

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