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Project Files in JSON format

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Just as a general curiousity, here's what an empty Project file looks like in JSON format:


"IMAGES": "\n",
"SOUNDS": "\n",
"MATERIALS": "\n",
"OBJECTS": "\n",
"ACTIONS": "\n",
"FileInfo": "\nEmbedded=FALSE\nCreatedBy=YourNameHere\nOrganization=TheAgency\nUrl=https://www.hash.com/forums/\nEmail=firstname.lastname@gmail.com\nLastModifiedBy=ModifiedBy\n",
"__text": "\nProductVersion=19\nRelease=19.0 PC\n\n\nSelected=TRUE\nFPS=30\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nFileInfoPos=253\n"



When converting back (to xml) there are a few formatting things to watch out for:


Release=19.0 PC


Extraneous text in red. The extra space needs to be removed as well.

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As an aside...


It would be nice if A:M could be forgiving of extra entries such as ... and extra space so that in addition to generally compatibility comments could be entered inside that would not immediately corrupt the file.


Update: Actually, A:M may already be forgiving of the and extra spaces. As long as the first line is removed.

And of course the file cannot be named with the extension .xml but needs to be .prj.


Also, I can see where leaving files unembedded can be advantageous when working with A:M files as xml assets.

That simplifies things considerably at the local level.




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