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Jason Simonds

v18.0f Now Live

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Windows 32Bit

Windows 64Bit

Intel Mac




Change Log:

  • Fixed All
    [bug]6522[/bug] Pressing Skeletal mode button doesn't work and leads to freeze.
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6521[/bug] AtTime expressiondoes not retrieve value from indicated time.
  • Added All
    • CurrentValue()
      Returns the current value for this propertie, before the expression is interpreted.
    • VectorF( x )
      Creates a vector by filling the three floating point values x, y, and z with the initial value.
    • Vector2( x, y )
      Creates a vector2 by combining the two floating point values x and y.
    • AtFrame(frame , n )
      Returns the value of n at the given frame.
    • GetFrame()
      Returns the relative frame within the action. When in a choreography, this is equal to the chor's frame.
    • Clamp( n, min, max )
      Clamp the value n into the range between min and max

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