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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

v17.0 Beta 05

Jason Simonds

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http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_32BIT.exe (Windows 32bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_64BIT.exe (Windows 64bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/osx/v17_beta/AM.zip (Mac)


Change Log:

  • Changed All
    new Default Chor.cho
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6152[/bug] Objects don't render when res exceeds certain size and rotoscope is present.
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6154[/bug] Rotoscope not properly placed in render when Alpha buffer ON
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6155[/bug] Selecting Aim At target in PWS causes crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6157[/bug] Rotation keys are not transferred by Copy Paste
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6158[/bug] Force Keyframe doesn't force keyframes
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6162[/bug] Community Chat > Serial number is still asked
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6163[/bug] Deleteing Constraint and its folder causes crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6167[/bug] Props disappear from Chor after save and reload
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6166[/bug] Props do not get AO shading
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6170[/bug] Snap-to-surface and stitching crashes A:M (about 50% of the time) with this project
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6165[/bug] Group loses CPs after Lathe operation
    start the lathe operation with the keyboard shortcut Alt+L to prevent deleting
    the original spline
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6098[/bug] Renderoutput empty for using rendering to TGA, Buffers, Lightbuffers and Save Buffers...
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6130[/bug] "Length" property of an Action can not be altered
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6161[/bug] Force Keyframe sets bone rotations to rotation at frame zero
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6171[/bug] Copy & Paste from one model to another crashes A:M...
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6173[/bug] Export MDL from Chor crashes
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6172[/bug] Keybard shortcut for "Group connected" is no longer /
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6174[/bug] SSS parameter set to zero causes crash on render
    (nice sideeffect , found a performance bottleneck in the SSS computation-> SSS calculation now around 30% faster)

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