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Jason Simonds

v17.0 Public Beta 02

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http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_32BIT.exe (Windows 32bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_64BIT.exe (Windows 64bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/osx/v17_beta/AM.zip (Mac)


Change Log:

  • fixed all
    [bug]6104[/bug] AM V17 having extremely slow render times. 24 hours to render a frame that takes V16 15 minutes
  • fixed
    [bug]6100[/bug] Cloth Simulations don't work properly in Camera View
  • fixed all
    [bug]6097[/bug] Can't create a double linefeed in AMA text
  • fixed all
    [bug]6101[/bug] Deleting Chor then closing Project causes crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]6099[/bug] Flocking PRJ causes crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]6090[/bug] V17 crashes while rendering complex models
  • fixed all
    [bug]6096[/bug] Render get stuck
  • fixed all
    corrected behavior, when the RotateManipulator is selected and ALT-Key is holding down for chor and model views (angle doesn't snap longer in this case)
  • new all
    plugin simcloth
    added option "HiRes Simulation" for the simcloth choregraphie properties with this option the simulation has more time to fix intersections and collisions so they will give a more precise result, but offcourse the simulation is slower
  • changed all
    speedup for finalrender with AO and high Multipass values
  • Changed all
    [bug]6050[/bug] (AMA) find now also similar entries , as example for Surface properties they documented entry was found in the versions before only if You have selected a surface propertie from a figure, the documentation now are also found if you select a surface propertie from a group or material
    - new textparser for the format tags in the display window (formatting with whitespaces not longer possible, use instead)
    - Editor
    - the editfield for the description has now a scrollbar , if the displayed content has more lines than the editfield can display
    - the formattags now set correct, if a portion of text is selectetd and a format button is hit (tags enclosing now the selected text)
    - new format option inserts 5 whitespaces at this position

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