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Jason Simonds

v17.0 Public Beta 01

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v17.0 Beta 01 Win 32bit

v17.0 Beta 01 Win 64bit

v17.0 Mac Beta 01


Change Log:

  • fixed all
    [bug]6089[/bug] Manipulator Options>Translate Only makes bone disappear
  • fixed all
    [bug]6076[/bug] CameraPostEffect - Active Off?property does not work.
  • fixed all
    [bug]6083[/bug] Snap Manipulator to Grid is broken "Snap Manipulator to Grid" and "Snap Mouse to Surface" now mutally exclusive
  • fixed all
    [bug]6082[/bug] CutPlane plugin confused by close splines
  • changed all
    for [bug]6050[/bug]
    if the "Property Info" window is visible , the help text for the property
    is now displayed, when the property is selected
    if the property is a plugin property , than the title line displayed also
    the plugin name
    added possibility to edit the documentation/external links in A:M self

Beta0 Change Log:

  • changed windows installer
    the installer check's now , if the target processor support the SSE4 extensions
    and install in this case a SSE4 optimized version
  • changed windows 64 bit
    a processor with SSE3 support is now the minimum requirement for the 64 bit version
  • changed windows
    final render now uses for some funtions a SSE3/SSE4 optimized vector class
  • changed mac
    final render now uses for some funtions a SSE3 optimized vector class
  • changed all
    rendertime and memory usage are now logged into master.log
  • fixed all
    finalrender rendertime prediction and status for props and particelsystem fixed
  • fixed mac
    [bug]6067[/bug] mdd export not working on mac

Render time comparison

all times in seconds

Project1 threeteapots (the forum benchmark)

Project2 modified threeteapots (bigger size, multipass, additional model, material plugin)

Project3 modified threeteapots (bigger size, multipass, additional model with hair, material plugin, additional prop model)


windows 32 bit

V16 V17 V17_SSE4

Project1 225.556 223.864 179.74

Project2 300.213 298.786 236.771

Project3 392.736 388.575 323.397



windows 64 bit

V16 V17 V17_SSE4

Project1 159.363 135.184 127.933

Project2 210.555 178.494 169.374

Project3 274.396 238.294 227.177




V16 V17 V17_SSE4

Project1 224.469 198.603 na

Project2 294.348 265.616 na

Project3 436.776 349.503 na


Complete Change Log:


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