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Roller Coasters


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Something a little different...I hope it's okay for me to show this off here. I just finished writing this program for one of my classes. All of the modeling was done in AM, exported to .3ds, and then imported into my program. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.


Pics and description are here:



I'm working on getting an executable uploaded so you guys can try it out (it looks lots better in motion), but I'm running into problems with Visual Studio.


On a different note, did anyone ever release updated exporters to .3ds or something similar? I've done a few tests with textures, and it seems like 1 decal/texture works fine, but once there are 2 or more decals on a model, the exported model has a lot of messed up UV's. Anything I don't know about?

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Cool! But a little bit dangerous I think :P Did you notice how fast the ride goes when changing the heights when it's riding?


Yeah...the physics leave something to be desired. Right now it just has really basic physics (speed up when going down a hill, slow down when going up). The assignment was more about splines than anything, so that's where I put the most work in. If I get some time in a bit I'll definitely look more into the physics.

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