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Found 2 results

  1. Installers: Windows: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Mac OS X 10.13.6 or earlier: Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 SDK: v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Fixed All 7081 PNG transparency not working Fixed All 7074 Chain of bones scales erratically Fixed All 7077 Bone color not displayed only OpenGL affected, not OpenGL3 (recommended to use this driver) Fixed All 7057 Crash during A:M Backup it should have now a better error message for this (both as messagebox and in the logfile), let me know if the crash still occur. Fixed All 7073 OBJ export or Prop import not working 5 point / hook export fixed Repeated decal export not fixable, due obj file format doesn't know anything about repeatable decals Fixed All 7075 5 point patches render with gaps Fixed All 6976 crash on Paste Mirror on a Pose Fixed All 7072 Progressive renders are blank Fixed All 7070 Shift-cursor key doesn't move rotoscope. Shift + Cursor moves now the rotoscope/bitmap 10 pixel Ctrl + Cursor scales around center Fixed All 7071 CFA creates unnecessary copies of Materials Fixed All 7062 Copying patches dosen't copy decals on patches Fixed All 7060 Copying a patch (only 1) with a decal does not copy the decal Fixed All 7054 Decal exporting A new menu entry for single stamps / a opened stamp view is added. "Render Stamp to File" This renders the actual stampview to file with a user defined resolution. If You start from the stamp entry in the PWS and the stampview isn't open, a new stamp view is opened. In the dialog , which opend after hit the menu entry, You can change the Path and Filename (the button on the right side) fileformat is selected trough the filename extension (supported OpenEXR, TGA, PNG and PSD) the "Width" and "Height" for the newly created file limited to 16384 x 16384 for Win64 version, 8192 x 8192 for the others the limitation is the result size, means a resolution from 32768 x 8192 is also possible. Warning: On the highest resolution around 14 Gigabyte is needed at the creation process. The width and height are always changed to a even size. (1025 becomes 1028 , always modulo 2) "Save layered" If this checkbox is checked, two layers are created, one for the decal self and one for the splines. For all formats ,excluding OpenEXR, in this case two files are created with the naming scheme "Filename"_Decal".Extension" and "Filename"_Splines".Extension" OpenExr is saved as one file with two layers. "Render with CP's" rendering also the CP's on the spline layer Fixed All 7061 Snap Group to Surface snaps to wrong surface. Fixed All 7068 Rename Bone renames wrong bone Fixed All 7066 Crash on Radiosity render Fixed All 7052 Environment Map materials not working Fixed All 7059 Tooltips only show for keyboard-shortcutted buttons Fixed All 7058 Progressive Render of shag crashes
  2. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Fixed All [bug]6544[/bug] Sprite-Particle not in Alpha Fixed All [bug]6546[/bug] alpha channel not detected for png files Fixed All [bug]6554[/bug] Bake Dynamic Systems does not work - no key frames produced Fixed All [bug]6552[/bug] simulate spring systems does not work in chor its greyed out and action does nothing Fixed All [bug]6556[/bug] Pressing Y will not part the spline even (and something deeper going on, as it seems) Fixed OSX [bug]6560[/bug] settings dialog for jpg and png not working
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