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  1. I'm probably still making all of my old mistakes...lol Unlike before, I'm building just a basic model. I turned up the Ambiance on the white to make the other colors stand out. It's not done, yet. I'm not sure which color to use for the decals. My favorite color is green. The traditional markings are red.
  2. Since I'm starting over, I always start with this. It's my favorite vehicle from my favorite movie. There are no decals, yet. I'm still building it. Eventually, it will have an R2 socket and completely animated. It comes directly from the 1977 schematics and my personal memory of having the physical model. It is a work in progress. It's awesome to have this outlet.
  3. I don't have any A:M ANYTHING on this computer. It's brand new. I still have an active license for a different computer, that's irrelevant. I've sent a PM to Jason, and to the store, and to support. I have NEVER had this kind of issue, EVER. I have been a loyal subscriber and user since 1995. That's how long I have used this program. You, specifically, have seen my rudimentary work. You have seen it. I want what I PAID for. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get it.
  4. I just bought the subscription version of AM, again. I didn't have to. I still had an active license. Get this, I bought it and there was NO LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT AT ALL!!!! I don't know who to talk to. I called the customer service line, no response. Someone needs to start waking people up. Saying that I am frustrated is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I AM LIVID. I am not going to request a trial version when I freaking bought a subscription.
  5. Even if I could find it, I can't download the program so this is a new beginning for me
  6. It doesn't matter now, Rob. It's all gone. I'm going to have to completely rebuild EVERYTHING. All of my models, actions, projects, etc. are GONE. Unless my old PC has an SSD that I can't find lol
  7. So, my old computer died, beyond repair. I still have a subscription for AM. I tried going through the store and there's no option to redownload the program. Who do I need to talk to. There's still at least six months left on my subscription. The down side is that I have to completely re build everything because it's all gone. I learn to back things up, eventually lol. How do I get this updated? If it was as simple as just changing the license, I know how to do that and who to talk to. I'm at a loss. PLEASE HELP
  8. Still a work in progress sdf102.mp4.mp4
  9. Thank you! Personally, I think it looks more like a toy than an actual ship lol. When I look back at those years, my early to late teens, there is one show that stands out. It's Robotech. I never saw the original Macross. I was influenced by the cool stuff, yes. For me, it's always been a love story set against the backdrop of war, and not a war story that ends up with two people being together. If I could recreate that show from the ground up, THAT would be worth it lol
  10. Might have to do this another way. Here it is and it's not done. It's just a preview. Probably needs more lighting/different camera angles and slowed down. evolutions04.avi
  11. This is not one model, it's actually three
  12. yes, she does. I'm impressed that you know that it should.
  13. This is just a preview of what I'm working on. Hope you like it😀
  14. A brief history. I bought the subscription back in November of 2020. On December 4th of the same year, my computer died (motherboard, video card, powersupply). The hard drive was undamaged. Anyway, I had the machine repaired. Everything's working the way it should, but I couldn't get AM to load. So I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. Now it's asking for the activation key which I put in and it won't take it. It gives me three tries and at the end says that the key is already in use. It is, by me. I contacted support and got an auto reply to contact Jason Simonds on the forum but I have no idea where he is on here.
  15. Goss


    It still crashes
  16. Goss


    I don't have the "Paint" add on. Would that help? Could I do the kind of lettering that I need?
  17. Goss


    Haven't tried it. Was hoping that there'd be a little more information. I hate troubleshooting lol
  18. Goss


    It was set on OpenGL3, I changed it back to Open GL. I'm using an AMD Radeon RX580. Will that make a difference? I'm using version 19
  19. Goss


    Ok, so I posted about something like this before. It seems that I can't apply decals to ANY model. Whenever I try to, the program crashes. Contrast that with the fact that the models that already have decals applied still show up in real time. I've included an example. The one on the left has the decals, the one on the right doesn't. Both were created using the exact same version of the program, but at different times and on different machines. The decals on the left model are TGA files. I have no way of saving to that format anymore. Suggestions?
  20. They're supposed to be coming out of the starfield, just like starships do in Star Wars lol
  21. Just so you know what I'm going for, I want this to come out of a starfield. I'm just not sure what the best way to accomplish that is. xwings arrive.avi
  22. So I'm trying to make a generic "starfield" since they seem to have gotten rid of "front projection maps" I made a basic flat pane model and have tried applying a starfield image to it as a decal. Everytime I try, the program crashes. It even does it on VGA image size. I'm using a Windows 10 Machine with an AMD Radeon graphics card. It's a Dell XPS Desktop. What am I doing wrong?
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