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  1. They're supposed to be coming out of the starfield, just like starships do in Star Wars lol
  2. Just so you know what I'm going for, I want this to come out of a starfield. I'm just not sure what the best way to accomplish that is. xwings arrive.avi
  3. So I'm trying to make a generic "starfield" since they seem to have gotten rid of "front projection maps" I made a basic flat pane model and have tried applying a starfield image to it as a decal. Everytime I try, the program crashes. It even does it on VGA image size. I'm using a Windows 10 Machine with an AMD Radeon graphics card. It's a Dell XPS Desktop. What am I doing wrong?
  4. The 64 bit won't take any more memory. You can have both. Copy the master0.lic file from your 32 bit folder to your 64 bit folder. Do you think the 64 bit version would solve the problem?
  5. I am actually running the 32bit version of AM 19. I chose it because i felt it was less consumptive and therefore easier to run...
  6. I don't know where this belongs. All i know is that I am having some serious stability issues. I open my app and everything works fine to a certain point. After that point, if I do anything else, the program goes bonkers. I lose my toolbars, my menu bars, everything. The only way I can save is my right clicking on the project in the Project Workspace. I have never had this problem with the "Disc in Drive" versions of this program. I built this machine for the sole purpose of being able to run this program efficiently. My machine is literally only a couple months old. Why is it so unstable? I have a Dell XPS SE, Win 10, Radeon 8GB GDDR 5, Core i5 machine. Will Provide a screen when it happens again. It's been happening a lot lately. Am I having App conflicts? Memory conflict? Anything? This is getting on my damn nerves
  7. Yes, it's Voltron. Well, it's the best I can do with the time I have to do it, I get one day a week to work on it. I was torn between using the 80s version and the updated one. I decided to go with the updated one because they looked more like living things than robots. I think you have brought up a good point. If I recall correctly, in the previous combo models I have done, I did the combination sequences in an action. That was only two models with a very simple connection. Will an action actually support five complicated models in it?
  8. Thanks, the models, themselves aren't done. I still have to add some details and bones for posing as individuals. The tails are going to be the most difficult not sure if a chain is best for them. that's another matter. In the past, when ever I wanted to combine things all I needed was a generic connector bone that I could translate to and orient like the model bone that was attaching to it. But that was previous versions I have used. For some reason that isn't working. I have another project where one ship is docked with another and so they can both move by moving the primary vessel. I haven't been able to get my approach to work. I was in skeletal mode and not choreography mode. I've done combo models before. I did a Robotech Aplha/Beta connection sequence and it was able to move as one unit without substituting a completed model of both. Again, that was so long ago, I don't remember how I did it...lol I thought, if I brought it up someone might say something that jogs my memory My intent is to be able to combine and then pose and do actions like swinging the sword. I'm thinking that, if I build the base skeletal structure for the combined model as part of the Black Lion, it should be able to support the goal I am attempting. Thank you for the response!!!
  9. I have a project that is five models that can be joined together to make one object. I'm not sure how to do it. I've tried the constraints but since each model is it's own thing, kinematic chains and the translate to, orient like constraints aren't working. Is there another way to do what I am attempting? I've included a screenshot of my starting point. You can figure out the rest. Any suggestions?
  10. Goss

    License Problem

    I sent my initial message back on the 23rd of July...
  11. Goss

    License Problem

    I was kind of hoping that there was a quicker way(like a phone number to speak to an actual person. There used to be...). This is my only day off. Thanks anyway
  12. I don't know if this belongs here or not. Here's my problem. I had a Win7 machine that I downloaded and installed v19 on. I bought a one year subscription. It died, the machine did. I bought a new computer. It's pretty bad-@ss. I used my old invoice and link and downloaded and installed the program but my activation code says that it's already in use (by me). I've contacted about transferring my license like two weeks ago and never heard back from them. What can I do? I'm not exactly looking forward to spending another $80.00 to put the program on this new computer when my current subscription is only a month old. Any suggestions?
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