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Bathroom Modeling Challenge


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Now that the Rear Window project is finishing up, I am coming up for a little bit of air. Here's a fun project/challenge. Friends of mine were building a house a couple of years ago, buying magazines about housebuilding, and occasionally forgetting them at their friends places. One of them that was left at my place had this plan for a bathroom (Fine Homebuilding - Kitchen & Bath Planning Guide 2010); the article's take is that having separate compartments for various parts of the bathroom makes the area more functional. I thought it would be fun to model some day.


I've scanned in the drawings (front view that scanned over two pages and the top view) and put them into a blank model. I've attached a project file and the rotoscopes. EDIT: Here's a small version of the top view:




The challenge:


Download and unpack the attached project. Spend 1 hour on creating the bathroom. (Ignore the people in the rotoscopes!) Then render out to a file. Next, spend a second hour modeling the bathroom, and render it out to a file. Then post in a reply here with those two renderings, along with any text you care to write about what approach you took or what challenges you had. Optionally, post a copy of your project for others to see.


How much you spline and where, whether you bevel, whether you break it up into smaller models, or add textures ... all of these decisions are yours!


The goal is to have fun, learn a little, push yourself a little, share what you learn, and see what others do.


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