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  1. A really nice and usefull resource, from a good friend of mine. Here you have her own presentation: http://www.artnatomia.net ARTNATOMY The work has been chosen as a finalist (in Educational Category) for the 15th Flashforward Film Festival (an online competition and live awards ceremony showcasing and celebrating the best work on the Web). Winners in all categories plus the "People's Choice" award will be announced at the awards ceremony on March 1 during the Flashforward2006 Seattle Conference at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Application overview. This
  2. Thank you, Rodney. Jesús (Shazam 3D) was quicker then me All should be working again now. Gustavo
  3. All the tutos should be downloadables, but the ones from other people, just linked. If you tell me which one failed for you, I can take a look at the problem.
  4. Sorry, but I cannot find a "Mondo" tuto... which is this, in what section?
  5. Well, yes, the site was build for the spanish users, and we have translations of many english tutorials and also some others from our own. But all of our content is free, the only comercial product we have is the full CD with the character process, and the little budget we get with it is just for supporting the site and media... In fact, we are now offering the same videos for free as a download... This is what this thread talks about Regards. Gustavo Muñoz
  6. We are offering the 4th video right now, go get them before they get updated http://cole3d.net/am/curso/humanoide/lista/ Regards, Gustavo Muñoz
  7. Thank you very much, Rodney. I try to do my best... Regards, Gustavo Muñoz
  8. Hello everybody: Cole3d.net, the bigest spanish A:M workgroup around the world, is happy to offer for free our long videotutorial about the full process of modelling and rigging a human character. Note that, as expected, it is narrated in Spanish... It will be released by parts, and will be available from our site, a new chapter every week: http://cole3d.net/am/ Now let me put it in Spanish, so our targeted audience can understand it well... Nos sentimos muy contentos de poder ofrecer por primera vez on-line, y de forma gratuita, nuestro curso completo del "Huma
  9. Very cool, thanks. I will try also your rig. Regards, Gustavo Muñoz
  10. Thank you very much, I will look at it very closely. Regards, Gustavo Muñoz
  11. Does somebody know of a shoulder rig which allows the clavicle to rotate as a result of the bicep rotation? When the arm is straigh down, the clavicle should rotate down some in Y, and when the arm is up the clavicle should also rotate some upward... As far, my bicep is a child of the clavicle, so I am trying to avoid circular dependences. Thank you in advance, Gustavo Muñoz
  12. Recordamos a todos los amigos hispanohablantes de A:M que en: http://www.cole3d.net Teneis vuestra casa, con abundante material traducido, trabajos, noticias e incluso nuestra propia lista de correos: http://es.groups.yahoo.com/group/cole3d También hemos montado un grupo de trabajo on-line con el que estamos desarrollando nuestro primer corto conjunto, y en definitiva podemos dar cabida a cualquier iniciativa que nos pueda interesar. Venid, unios a nosotros, somos ya unos cien miembros, y cuantos más seamos más útil resultará el grupo... Saludos animados, Gusta
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