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  1. Hi, I'm trying to do a rack focus and I keep getting these bubbles around the objects. In the example image I've uploaded, thats suppose to be an X Wing Fighter! You can see the X Wing but these bubbles appear around it. I've set up the render in the options panel to "Use Settings From the Camera." I've tried to turn on and off motion blur, Reflections, and shadows. Anyone else have this difficulty?
  2. I don't think that v15j is available for the lab license network. I do have the web version at home that is v15j+ - I'll give that a try at home. You really ought to do the free update to v15j+, to make sure you're not dealing with some bug that's been fixed and to get all the other fixes and updates. However... there was a big change with v15f regarding how plugins had to be compiled. It *may* be that your AMxTex plugin really wants to be used in a version before v15f. You might install some prior version on one PC to try. Or that v13 you have a disk for.
  3. Thanks very much Wedgeguy. You were able to open the model in version 13 despite it being created in 15? I do have a disk version for 13; maybe we should be trying that?
  4. We have the lab license for AM 15h.
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping some of you guru's might help my students out. We are using 3D Game Studio to develop a 3D game and AM for character development. When using AmxTex to export, AM crashes with some models; and some models it works fine with. Even when we remove the rigging and strip down a model we still encounter crashes. I've attached a simple model (designed after Jeff Lew's Killer Bean) that won't export. Any ideas on what we should try? Mike Bean.mdl
  6. Hi all, Trying to create a blanket over a character in bed and having all sorts of problems with the mesh passing through the blanket. I've been reading through the forums and found reference to Solver Precision which I cannot find. Anyone know where that is? Also, the forums suggest changing the polygon modifier/Simcloth but when I right click a model in the choreography no option show's up under polygon modifier (that is, no simcloth option). Any suggestions? I'm still using v12w (yes, I need to upgrade!)
  7. Hey, Thanks very much all for your help! Really appreciate it! We are going to go with the sequential targas. Thanks once again all! Mike
  8. Hi all, I want to create a simple action to place on a treadmill model so that the treads rotate around. Unfortunately, the treads are not perfectly round so using muscle mode and rotation isn't going to work. Any ideas for me? Thanks, Mike
  9. Hey Robcat, Any quick tips on how to use the alpha channel created in AM as the mask in AE? All the tutorials I've looked at so far show creating custom masks using the pen tool - I'd like to use the image. Thanks, Mike
  10. Actually, I had that thought while driving home (on the sidewalk, I should pay more attention). I guess we won't be doing any front projection stuff really, it'll all be done in AE. I'm a little new to AE and this project is a bit of a challenge for me and my students but we're up to it. Thanks for the help! Mike
  11. My students and I are doing an alien invasion of our school. Question: we want to compose things in After Effects so what we want to do is render out only the aliens and ships in Animation Master. How do we get the front projection maps not to render out but keep the models that pass behind them blocked? For instance, when a ship passes behind our school building, how do we get the render to not show the portion of the ship passing behind the school (our front projection map) without rendering the projection map or it's objects? I've been through these tutorials, Ed explains multiplane rendering but not this particular issue. http://www.hash.com/users/ed/tutorials/fpm/fpm.htm http://www.hash.com/Camera_Guy/lighting.html Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Awesome! Thanks very much - exactly what we were looking for! Mike
  13. Hi all, My students and I are working on a live action film with 3d aliens and spacecraft in it. Who knew school could be this much fun, eh? Anyways, we want to have the spacecraft land with that weird heat wave present. I thought I saw a forum topic on this year's ago but couldn't find it. Any ideas? Thanks! Mike
  14. Thanks very much Eric - that put me on the right direction! I've got exactly what I needed! Thanks again, Mike
  15. I added the force from the side and the movement of the snow was even better! Thanks Robcat!
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