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Windows versions can be found here:

2004 CDROM (Orangutan)

dongle (HASP) Version

Multi-User Dongle Version


FTP area


V11.0 Features


V11.0 Online Technical Reference


V11.0 requires dongles to be programmed for year 2004. If you receive a hasp or "No Authorization" error you will need to have your dongle upgraded for the 2004 subscription.


Contact upgrades@hash.com for more info. Run the RUS Utility to get your HASP ID#. After receiving an update code from support@hash.com you can use this utility to flash the HASP.



----- Fixes since last version.

  • Fixed problems right clicking in tools options rendering advanced with no project open
  • Fixed problems with multiple hair systems and object collisions {Jack West}
  • Fixed problems with shader plugins {Jeff Lee}
  • Fixed problems with loading embedded objects before a linked object saved with an older version {Weg}
  • Fixed rotated model bones making bounds incorrect fixes clipping problems {Silvio Terra}
  • Fixed problems with reflections and environment map materials {Zak Taich}
  • Fixed specular color not set on model, but set on group. {Hiromoto Akinori, Maruyama Akinori}
  • Fixed problems turning off maniputlator properties while editing one of its properties {Silvio Terra}
  • Highly curved 5 point patches no longer obscure the hair. {Jeffrey Bolle}
  • Surface constraint targets will include the chosen bone and all child bones. {David Rogers}
  • Muscle motion on patches with hair does not affect how many or where hairs are emitted. {John Keates}
  • Grouping masses in dynamics mode, and no model chosen no longer crashes. {Kalle-Samuli Riihikoski, Dick Johnson}
  • When the dynamic options of hair are set, channels are no longer created. {Silvio Terra}
  • Copy/Paste Bone rotation not working properly.
  • Compensate mode not working properly when adding constraint.
  • Can't see NULL Objects when in shaded view in Skeletal mode.
  • Can't see TVSafe in shaded mode.
  • Timeline expanded state remembered
  • Changed snap to frame to be default in timeline (No longer need Snap Grid on),
    to snap to sub frames hold down CTRL key.
  • Turn will turn around last selected object in chor if nothing is selected.
  • Added Hide in Timeline list for sounds
  • Sounds can be dragged into folders under a chor
  • Timeline remembers composite or channel state
  • Selecting children of choractions makes choraction the current action
  • Fixed crash when you render to file of a file that is open in another program like an AVI or Quicktime
  • Deleting a chor will delete folders within it.
  • Fixed switching between actions not keep last frame in the frame edit ctrl for that action.
  • All objects from the objects folder drag properly into a chor in the pws.

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