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Mirror Puzzle

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Oh BOY! A new mystery. Trying to use the Mirror function with the attached model - no luck. What am I doing wrong? I've used it with other models/projects before but can't get it to work at all anymore. Any help appreciated.


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  • Hash Fellow

Hi Ed,

I note that the centerline of your character is not on the center axis.

It's possible you copied this from another model window and when you pasted, your paste/extrude offset was not set to 0 0.


Carefully moving it back in line and then selecting one half the model and RMB>Snap to mirrored points will re-pair many of the points but not all of them. I think the model was not exactly symmetrical at the outset.

I think the quickest fix is to copy one half the model including the center spline, the delete everything, then paste the half you copied back in and do a proper copy/flip/attach.




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