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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

How's my Jabba Model

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  • Hash Fellow

That looks promising!

I thought the big long thing on him was like the tail on a slug and was behind him. Maybe I'm wrong on that?

My first suggestion is to respline the mouth corner so it is not an actual corner but a U-turn instead. You can quickly terminate the new spline (highlighted) with a hook.

If the mouth opening is one continuous loop it is easy to extrude it inward when you want to make the inside of the mouth.



The part I circled in orange has a dead end spline. That will want to be fixed with some combination of five-pointers and hooks.

I have a video about one user's dead end spline. It's not exactly the same situation but it might be helpful...



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  • Hash Fellow

I think he's reclining and we're seeing his underside there.

like the guy drinking the wine...



This is him upright and in motion. The tail is a tail...


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  • *A:M User*

Yeah after having another look at it I think you're correct, it's kind hard to tell from the photo where he's on the dais exactly how he's twisting his torso. 

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