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Well, it seems as I encountered a point of complexity I was afraid of to start with. 😽


Always facinated by waves rolling on the beach, I wondered if there was a good way to translate it to animation. The commen way would be to exclude the directions on which these forces have grip on eachother. Knowing it is almost impossible to subtract these I gave up. There are several forces at work so to keep it as simple as possible. I tried some squares with rigs to get a relief, but soon I detected I could not use CP weights, as the number of changes needed to happen on each frame.

Then I decided to give it a try in the hard way, and rigged a new "Aladin magic carpet".

\I wasn't going for the easy way, ha! So here I am halfway. I split up two forces, one that gives the  horizontal up/down rolling, and one that has the front/back rolling. I made a grid with 32 front/back bones that handle 19 devided up/down movement. Sounds a bit complicated, but for me it is the only way to handle two different movements. ( I went mad after earlier attempts.🙃).

The fog2.mdl is rigged with  32 z-axe comand bones. Each comand bone has 19 y-axe horizontal bones. I am at the half part of the up/down movement, I intended to roll fore and back. Now all kind of side effects are taking place. Not sure to be glad them, they are queit amuzeable. But not what I intend to avoid, to limit the complexity and roll one part after another.
pff. what an explanation for such a simple thing. 😄



fog12.mdl bland1100.act



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Thanks robcat!

Something in that way,yes. That is the first movement I attempted.

Then I wanted them to move sideways and realized it are two seperated movements. To combine them had given me lots of errors, because as soon as I had one movement right the other one got distorted.

I found a work around for it. It's just more integrated than I thought.


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@fae_alba: yes, but that are end alterations. Firs I try to exclude the wave movement. It has three directions, up/down, front/back, and left/right. So it becomes rather complex to create two of them.

@yopachi: looks good. I think it are the same waves Robcat showed, only it has a front/back movement too.

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I got myself in a perfect mesh. It looks as if I can make the wavelength roll forward. To keep them going I had to flatten the parts that roll under. Halfway I realized the model had a twisted background. So I changed this. But then I clinched., because the waves weren't in line. After four days hussling I gave up as I became a bit crunched by the case. I knew it wasn't simpel. Just can't get grip on it. Or change 12 rows of nineteen bones again.


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In the first examle I tried to create a wave movement that went from right to left. 
Then I wanted to make that movement go from front to back (which was more work than I thought).

I know the movement of a horizontal movement going in a diagonal setting would look the same.


I'm still not sure what you want.

I am trying to make this movement going up and down, and then create a seawave that falls on the beach.
I know it sounds a bit weird, and there will be easier ways to acomplish.
For sofar I am trying to combine three movements into one.

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Hey, that's a well of a shore RobCat!

I know the possibilities of the sim_cloth. And I intended to do so. 
I just have dificulties exporting them to 3ds files.
Maybe I do something wrong.

For now I needed a file I could let roll in a simple diagonal way. Then I could use it as a Quake model to make adjecent parts of them.
If I use a sim_cloth I get a random result that is harder to get track on.
I used the two examples to fit in Quake and it seems as the first one gives the best results.
I only made it harder on myself to get the second rolling, as it ended up in a big mesh.

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