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My first Windows program


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Rodney and I have been learning C++ and now we are looking at MFC with an eye to writing A:M plugins

MFC or Microsoft Foundation Class is an addition to C++ that handles standard Windows GUI elements like menus and dialogs and interactions with the main program.

WinTester.exe is my first program using these.


WinTester has an "Exercise" menu with four choices:

  • Blank - erases screen
  • Red Rectangle - makes one
  • Gradient - asks you to input RGB values for start and end colors and will draw a smooth transition between the two.
  • Ballistic - will plot a projectile path based on parameters you input...
    • X and Y define a point from the lower left corner that your gun is aimed at.
    • Scale controls the initial velocity
    • Gravity is a constant downward force
    • Wind is a horizontal force



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