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A:M v.19 on Mac running OS 10.14 Mojave with AMD rx590


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I'm considering buying an Intel Mac computer with Mojave installed (last Mac OS to allow 32-bit apps).  The computer will have an Intel i9 CPU and an AMD rx590 GPU (8GB) and 64GB of RAM.  Will I see some decent rendering times with A:M v19 on this setup?  I don't quite understand what aspect of the computer A:M utilizes for rendering - the GPU or the CPU.  Which makes the biggest difference in render times in A:M?  Thanks.

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Hi Chris,

The CPU would be the significant factor for final rendering speed.

However.... I think you have to go farther back on the Mac OS for the mac version of A:M.

The "latest version" page says "Mac OS X 10.13.6 or earlier". I don't think the people who have tried later versions of the MacOS have had good results or any results.

If you're in the mood to buy something to run A:M, I seriously suggest getting a Windows machine. A:M will run way better and faster than on the Mac version.


This current v19 is the last that will support Mac at all; the next version will be Windows only. If you have a windows machine you can always be up to date on the latest A:M.

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Thank you both!  Much to consider.  I'm running A:M v.19 on a mid-2014 Macbook Pro running OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan) now, and the software is running flawlessly on this older system.  Obviously render times can be daunting, and it's time to upgrade.  I appreciate the info.

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