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Cupid Rigging

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I have been going through all the old models and I have noticed how some of them have held up while others, well, are not very good.  Cupid is one I am pleased with and the rig is in and now rigging the face.  


Here is an action shot of cupid.cupid fightr0.jpg

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Shelton, newbie here, how are you rigging the face?  Any resources around to help with that?  I've been working with different body rigging systems this week.  None of them have facial rigs.  I'm interested in building or extended a body rig with a facial rig so it can be imported into new models.

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Holmes Bryant did a lite face rig located here

.  David Simmons has a face rig in the Squetch Rig.  

I built a face rig but never published it as it got so complicated.  

Barry Zundel completed his face rig with poses.  


I use poses and and bones to complete the face rig I need for the individual characters.    I hate to be vague but I do the minimal that is needed to accomplish the desired affect.,.  So for Cupid he will have a great deal of camera shots so I want a lot of control over the face.  while other background characters may have only brow movement or smile.  so I may only do that in a pose.  


Saturday at 12 noon cst, Live answer time has helped me a great deal.  Robert does a great job of hosting and answering questions such as yours.  I plan to be there this saturday.  here is the link.


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Face rigging is in and now it is onto the wings again.  I started with a premise as the wings are more like another set of arms.  So I rigging them that way for now.  Robert thinks each one of the geometry feathers will have to have a bone.  I have completely reworked the jaw and lips.  I have also modeled new teeth,  mouth and tongue.  When I created the model many years ago I found I had a mesh within the mesh.  I could not separate the two around the teeth and mouth and lips.  So I deleted them and started over.

I have weighted the entire body and face and the last thing to weight is the jaw and the neck.  

Then it will be off to finalize the shorts and decal his face and body and Cupid will be ready!





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