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I use a prog called Affinty photo and when I go to start it I get the splash screen and then it closes I was told that it an open cl problem but I cant find any usefull info on repairing it any one kno anything about it would be verry usefull thanks

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OpenCl is a programming library for trying to send computation tasks to the GPU.

But all the OpenCL things your program needs should be taken care of by the program's installer.

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing?

Have you tried uninstalling and installing a previous version of the program?

Have you reported the bug to them and looked for a newer version of the program?


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I tried for a very long time to bring Affinty photo to run on my computer and laptop and the short answer is:
Nope... it is very much trouble for many people out there as far as I understand it... just a very bad port from the Mac to the PC and it pretty much does not work for many people.

I just stopped trying to get it to run. It just did not work out for me... I am not sure if they have trouble with anything but NVIDIA graphics or if it is about intel CPUs or something like that but it just did not work out.

Best regards

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Hold down Shift+Control and this will bring up the install to install/repair it.

Holding down just Control and launching the program will bring up a prompt so you can reset aspects to the program.I

I have Open CL off in my preferences when running it on my i5 laptop with Intel HD graphic display and it runs fine.

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