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Prismatic Dance — Boolean Cutters, No Sprites

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Third and perhaps final movie in the Prismatic series, Prismatic Dance is made from one video clip and an audio track.  No sprites in this movie.

The single model used in the choreography is a simple block shape with 4 spheres.  The same light-box color pattern (TGA image sequence) from the other Prismatic movies is decaled onto each of the spheres.  The spheres are Boolean cutters.  As the spheres move, grow, and shrink over the course of the animation, they transfer the color patterns to the carved out surfaces of the block.

Here is a wireframe/shaded birds-eye view of the cho 2 minutes into the animation:



Here is a render of the same view showing the carving of the block:



And the resulting frame rendered by the camera:



The soundtrack is another generative music composition made in LogicPro.  The piece uses the same orchestral instruments and effects processing as Fracture and Iris.  It is in the Key of Eb Minor and has no accidentals.  Each chord is made up of the 7 notes of the key, or in some cases 2 and even 3 octaves of notes.  While this piece has a melodic/harmonic sound, it also has a darker, moody quality characteristic of Minor Keys.  This piece has even more musical structure than Iris, created by resting groups of instruments over many bars — and even resting all instruments but one to force a solo effect.

As with Fracture and Iris, a Probability Gate is applied to each note of each chord in each instrument track to determine whether or not a particular note will sound.


Here is the YouTube link to Prismatic Dance:



Best to all,


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That is your most interesting result yet!

I had not even considered that decals on a boolean cutter would transfer.

Great work!

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