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Draw aperfect circle ,that I can add text to

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I hate to admit. It has been a while since I have used AM ,although I have been here since version 8.5. I would like to make a perfect circle3d if possible and add text around the interior rim circularly  and if possible make it spin. Hope all is well in the Am Community, Martin and Family,Jason, Robcat, Fuchur, Rodney,Yoda64,Will Sutton,JohnL3D, Nancy the list is endless all of you have have helped me so much in the past. God Bless All in the AM Community. Happy and Blessed Easter To All !!! may you and yours be safe and well, Steve (mulls on the forum)  i stlll remember the "Hash Bash" Great time and memory


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Hi mulls,

thank you very much for the kind words and Happy Eastern to you and your family too :).

A perfect circle is pretty easy: Use the lath tool with a straight two point spline, afterwards delete everything but one spline ring and turn it by 90 degrees. (I would recommend to use a lath subdivision of more than 4 to get a "perfect" circle. (click on the lath-tool button while pressing "CTRL")

Or you can use the Primitive Wizard for it. Both should bring you pretty close to the perfect circle.

The text part is more troublesome... I am not sure if that is possible easily in A:M. My workaround before was to create something like that in Illustrator first and then use the AI import wizard to make it into 3d text.

You could do it manually of cause or use a Distortion Box, but that is a little bit of work of cause.

Best regards

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Welcome back Steve!

Can you give us a bit more description of how the text should appear "on" the circle?

There are several possibilities with different solutions.

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