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patch + decal duplication

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Hello, I am continuing my face creation tutorials and I have a group duplication problem with its decals.

At 10:00 we duplicate the eye patch to create the second one and the decals are duplicated with it.

When I do this, the decals don't duplicate !?

What am I forgetting ??


duplication d'objet+decal.jpg

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That should work yes... I just tried it with one patch too and that did not work.
If you put more than one patch under the decal it seems to work.

I'll set up a bug report for that.

Best regards



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2 hours ago, Fuchur said:

Cool Robert. I have found one too and just told Steffen about it in the bug report you've put in.
That might help to find the problem even better :).

I should have seen your earlier report and just added mine to yours!

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