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Just Want to Copy a Choreography

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Embarassed that I don't know how to do this. I have a Chor that I want to copy so that I can make another version with all the light settings intact but if I do a "Save As" it re-names the Chor and saves it to disk (which is good) but I want to be able to make a new version with the objects arranged differently but keep all the light/camera settings etc.

BUTT!!! If I import the Cho it won't let me rename it. Am I making any sense? I know this should be AM 101, but normally a "Save As" function makes a new file in most apps.

You guys are very patient with me and I appreciate it. Especially you Robcat. Any help appreciated.

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BUTT!!! If I import the Cho it won't let me rename it.

I have been stumped by not being able to re-name imported Chors or anything else.

Until i remembered... that I have to  do Project>Embed All to force the asset to no longer be saved separately from the PRJ.

As long as the asset is saved by itself on disk and only linked to by the PRJ you can't rename it in the PRJ.

You can tell if an asset is external because it has the Floppy disk on its icon.

Another option is to rename the file in Windows before you load it.



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Or just go to the properties of the chor and choose "File Info > Embedded" for the one file if you do not want to embed everything.

After that, just reimport the chor a second time, embedded it too and rename it to whatever you want.
That works with everything which can be imported like Materials, Models, Actions, Chors and so on.

Best regards

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