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Can the extras DVD be found for download somewhere (if it's freeware)?

Or is there some kind of A:M model library online somewhere?



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I don't think the Extras DVD has been re-added to the Hash Inc Store since the store was recently updated.

This might be just as well because a new DVD (or other Extras... say a USB?) might be in order.


We should find a place to upload the DVD content so it can be shared freely and I'll put it on my schedule to ***start moving toward*** a new Extras release that can be added to the Hash Inc store.


Aside:  I'm not sure about current inventory of DVDs.

Perhaps they are printed 'on demand' when ordered?


Content for the Extras CD (and a smaller subset also) can be found on the Hash Inc FTP site.

Extras CD:  ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/misc/Data.zip 158MB

Core data for TaoA:M exercises etc:  ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/misc/LittleData.zip  7.5MB


The DVD has over a gigabyte of data.

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I'd really like the whole bunch....

I found an old cd "Extras CD volume One".. It would be great if the "big one" could be purchased as digital download.

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The digital download approach would be really nice.

Hopefully Jason can make that happen.  :)


**Yes, notice how I volunteered Jason!

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