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C++ Study Group... 2020!

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Here we are starting C++ again!

We will post our between-meeting questions and tips in this thread.

Here is a tip to make all your C++ class projects all live in one place and easy to find. Do it this way to save yourself future headaches.

  1. Run Visual Studio and choose "Continue without code ->"...

  2. When the main screen opens, do File>New>Project...

  3. On the "Create a new project" screen choose "Console App" and Next...

  4. On the "Configure your new Project" screen
    - enter "00_Start" for Project name
    -for Location, navigate to a folder on your hard drive that that will easy to find.
    -for Solution name, enter a title for this whole class
    - leave "Place solution and project in the same directory" unchecked.
    - press Create

  5.  VS will churn for a bit and open up a project titled "00_Start.cpp".  This project is in the "solution" you gave a name to in the previous step.

    From now on, when you run VS for this class you will direct it to open this Solution and all your class projects will be added to this solution, with names that are two digits for the class chapter number, an underscore and a chapter title.

    All your new projects will be accessible in the "Solution Explorer" on the right side of the screen.


  6. Click on "> Local Windows Debugger" to compile and run the sample code VS has put in the code window. A console widow should appear like this...



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Meeting tonight at 8 CST.

We will just make sure everyone is on board with proper solution/project management and then if we have time we will finish the Pong game by adding... the paddle!

@Rodney @Roger @Shelton

There is still time if anyone else wishes to join in on C++!

PM Me!

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Reminder... the Chapter 4 assignment is to watch Lecture 4 and then type in John Purcell's "Hello World" program from scratch.

Start a new Console project, delete the sample code that VS gives you and type in your new "Hello World program" on the blank page.


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Chris Daley showed me an option in Visual Studio that may explain difference in results we were getting with simple Console window operation last Saturday.

On the top menu do Tools>Options.

In the Options Window that opens make sure that Debugging>General>Automatically close the Console when debugging stops is unchecked.


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I'll note that the Chapter 04 lecture, "Hello World" is the longest video until way out past the 60th chapter when he gets into his particle fire project. They're all shorter after this one!

So... get over the hump!

Watch the lecture, type in your own "Hello World" from scratch and bring it to our meeting on Saturday.

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Assignment for Chapter 5 "Outputting Text"

You can do anything that demonstrates outputting text. If you can't think of anything, the default assignment is to output three lines of dialog from a movie or TV show of your choice.

Your output will look like this...




Fred: Where's my coffee?

Wilma: It's on the table, Fred!

Fred: Where's the table?



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Here's how to learn this stuff...

  1. Watch the lecture
  2. Watch the lecture again, but every time John Purcell types something in and runs it, you type it in and run it too.

All of his programs will run without modification in our MS Visual Studio environment, so if yours doesn't... look at his to see what you left out.

       3. Do the assignment.


That's how i did it, it worked for me, that's how I got through the course!


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