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streching a model

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I presume you don't just mean scaling the whole character larger.

One way is to go into Bones mode where you can use the scale manipulator to scale bones. If you hold the CTRL key, the bone's CPS (and its child bones and their CPs) will scale with it.

Since all the children scale too, it is often useful to un-child portions that you don't want to scale and re-parent them afterward. For example, you might un-child the neck and head if you only wanted the spine to be longer. The proportions of child segments can become very strange if their bone is not exactly parallel to the bone being scaled.

This process can work well if you have a version of your character that is unrigged, with just geometry bones in it, that you can rig after you are done stretching.

Because of the complex parenting in rigs, this is VERY unlikely to be simple or satisfactory if you try this on a rigged character.

This would be a great problem to bring to Live Answer Time.

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I live in Spain now and the time is all wrong for me I think but I would love to visit live answers  the charector is rigged so a bit dodgy   would it work by scaling it ?

Thanks for your reply Robert

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Do you just want the character larger? Proportionally larger in every dimension?

After you drop it in the Chor you can scale it larger with the yellow bounding box that appears when you select the model in "Director" mode.


If you want to make the character taller but not wider that is trickier.

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Yes Robert the cho would work fine for my needs ,dont kno why I didnt just think of that .Sorry for the delay answering but for some reason I couldnt log in.When I rener to file the charector looks sort of squoshed and short  maybe its the format I render to . thanks for your help I think I lost the plot somewhere

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